Monday, 29 November 2010

OK, just ONE more day of Camelot! =D

So, I was woken up at 8:45am today, and asked to be at Ardmore Studios at 10am today.. And I'm glad that I was too sleepy to remember the snow situation and everything, so I said yes.. And 30 minutes later, I was in a taxi =D

My very last day as a Camelot extra, and costume #9
So, this time it really was my last day as a Camelot extra (unless I get picked for season 2, which would be awesome, of course..), and this was my 9th and last costume.

I am SO glad that I got this "bonus day" as last Thursday was a bit of a disappointment as last days go, but today was a dream job! I got a really good spot on the scene (where a little boy had fallen and died), and I can't wait to see it..

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PS, there's a Facebook Page about Camelot extras, check it out..

Friday, 26 November 2010

No more Camelot :*(

My last day as a Camelot extra :*( - and costume #8
I'm suffering from post-Camelot depression as Thursday was my last extra day on Camelot :*( Above, my 8th (and last) costume.

Ideally, the last day would have been with max. 60 extras, seats for all (without anyone feeling like a sardine), plenty of good banter during breaks, etc. As it happened, though, it was anything but!

Too many extras, if you got a seat, you held on to it and felt like a sardine, lunch was a disaster (the cafeteria ran out of food..), and I didn't even have a chance to share certain photo material related to a private joke.

Still, God I miss Camelot already! Waah! Waah!

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Ulster Bank - the worst bank ever?

Ulster Bank - the bank that closed my previous account without bothering to notify me about it, leaving me totally without a bank account for several years, during which time they also attempted to send my savings cheque to my old address, where I hadn't lived in years (and they well knew it).. I could go on..

Well, I'm pissed off with them again.

Recently, I needed to buy a new phone, pronto. I had enough money on my account, so I grabbed my ATM card (which I hadn't used in ages, but which hadn't expired, either) and went to withdraw enough money for the phone, before going to the O2 shop to buy it. Only I didn't get any money from the ATM - just a slip telling me that my attempt was denied. WTF?!?

It was already after the bank closing time, and getting close to the O2 shop closing time as well. So, there I was, desperately needing a new phone on that very day, and with this stupid cunt of a bank fucking things up, yet again, as only Ulster Bank can.. (Yes, I am aware of other banks being able to fuck things up as well, but Ulster Bank has to be the worst..)

Luckily, I was able to borrow enough money to buy that phone, but when I went to the bank, later on, to ask why I hadn't been able to withdraw money with my ATM card, I was asked had I not received a new card in the post - well, I hadn't. Apparently, their computer system was claiming that I'd been sent a new card & PIN letter, but I'd never received any such stuff. However, that was the reason why my old ATM card wasn't working anymore. Thanks for telling me, FFS..

Anyway, they promised to send me the new card & PIN, which I received, last week.

I'm just after activating my new card with a text message (well, at least that seemed to work - or rather, I got an auto-reply saying that they'll activate the card by 6pm tomorrow, after which I should receive another text message..), and after that, I opened the PIN letter. To get the PIN, you need to scratch a given area of the letter, which I did.. But wait, it was an Ulster Bank letter, so obviously, it just couldn't work.. No, instead of getting my PIN, I found that scratching the given area had actually removed the PIN as well! So, now I've a new ATM card, which should be activated tomorrow, but no PIN.

I'm just guessing that it probably won't be possible to even get a new PIN letter, either - after all, it'd be way too complex for Ulster Bank.. So, maybe I'll need to get a whole NEW card & PIN letter..

I - hate - Ulster Bank.

(I know, there's an obvious question: why am I still/again with Ulster Bank? Unfortunately, I've no other option. Don't ask for more details, because it's none of your business.)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

About Flickr

My flickr Pro account expired, so my older flickr photos are probably not visible, at the moment.. I am planning to renew it, but as I've no credit card, I'm going to have to use someone else's card. Anyway, the pics will be visible again, sooner or later.

Crisis over - Pro account renewed for two years =)

Perfect excuse to drink some cider

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Looklet dollies

I've been having fun on Looklet (my profile), and I had a lot more to say about that website, but the idiots who designed, clearly didn't know what the fuck they were doing, so it's all gone now, and I'm not going to type it again.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Some more Camelot costumes

To continue with this earlier topic;

Camelot costume #7 (just a new cloak, though)
Last night @ Kilruddery (although the snap was taken back at Ardmore Studios)

Female Briton today - Camelot poverty
Last week @ Ardmore Studios

I'm still sort of levitating after last night.. The Best Location Experience Ever! (Even with chest infection..)

Camelot - village in episode #1 - on location @ Kilruddery