Thursday, 14 January 2016

Gone too soon - all these beautiful voices, leaving us..

Early Monday morning, I was on my way to Bray to see my GP, driving on the M50, listening to Radio Nova, when they announced that David Bowie had died..

I just could NOT believe it.. =(

I still can't believe it!

Although I'd never have described myself as a "David Bowie fan" as such, I still always admired him on so many levels.. He was intelligent, elegant, eloquent.. His voice was velvet.. Whatever he did, seemed so effortlessly cool..

Seems wrong, that he had to leave us so soon..

Today, I had the living room TV on SkyNews as I was peeling spuds in the kitchen, about to make chips.. I couldn't really hear much, just the odd word, every now and then..

After a while, I'd heard Harry Potter films mentioned a few times, and I was starting to put random words together, getting the idea that some actor might have died, and whoever it was, might have appeared on Harry Potter films..

I even thought to myself, well, as long as it's not Alan Rickman..

Then, I thought, OMG, it's never Alan Rickman?!?

I had to stop my spud show, and go have a look..

It was Alan Rickman..

I can NOT believe, Alan Rickman has died..


His Snape was the only reason why I ever watched any Harry Potter films.. (OMG, hot..)

His voice was velvet..

David Bowie and Alan Rickman were both 69, and died from cancer..

Just.. Sad..