Sunday, 29 April 2018

LiveLAGOM Curry in a Hurry workshop

We actually had this (IKEA Carrickmines) LiveLAGOM workshop in February, but it has taken me a while to blog about it! πŸ˜ƒ

For me, this one was more like a "general interest, and a free meal" workshop as I don't have the money or space for a pressure cooker.

As many other lagomers, I had childhood memories of my granny using a (vintage) pressure cooker, which was a scary, potentially dangerous thing.. πŸ˜‚

The IKEA pressure cooker is a very modern version, though, and if I had a large kitchen with lots of storage space, plus the funds for it, I probably would buy one.

T and S were doing the cooking, and demonstrating the pressure cooker features - the rest of us were enjoying the lovely smell of the curry, and drooling..

There were two different curries on the same plate, which is not too clear in the picture, but they were both delicious, and I think we all had a second serving.. Nom..

My friend also attended with her son, so we went for a KFC coffee afterwards as the IKEA cafΓ© was already closed.

In the second picture, some previously loved goods I got from another lagomer - the electric blanket was a real lifesaver during the cold spell, when I couldn't afford to get kerosene for heating.

We got goody bags from the workshop as well ♥♥♥♥♥

I love the bag itself, and I've used most of the contents quite a lot, since! There was a chopping board, which is larger than the one I had, so I've been using mostly the new one lately.. I absolutely LOVE the glass bottle, and I'm using it all the time.. When I'm at home, it's right next to me, so I can take a sip of juice or water, whenever I feel like it.. And when I go somewhere, I often take the bottle with me, so I won't have to buy something expensive when I get thirsty.. It was also good to get a bottle brush for keeping the bottle clean! There was also a FΓΆrtrolig container (17x23x9 cm) - I already had two in that size, and two larger ones, thanks to my original LiveLAGOM shopping list, but I wouldn't mind having even more of them! They are just SO useful for all kinds of stuff, easy to clean, etc.. You can never have too many wooden spoons, so that one was useful, too.. Also, freezer bags, and bag sealing clips! Great goody bag!


Saturday, 28 April 2018

Broccoli salad (perfect stuffing for a tortilla wrap)

This is really simple, quick and easy to make, and if you make tortilla wraps with it, it's almost addictive.. πŸ˜ƒ
πŸ’š Broccoli
πŸ’š Onion
πŸ’š Celery
πŸ’š Cucumber
πŸ’š Mayonnaise
πŸ’š Green pesto
πŸ’š Optional: sea salt, black pepper, oregano, chilli powder
No need to measure anything for this one, but I'll mention how much I used, below;

First, I chopped two celery stalks.. (Btw, if you're not a great fan of celery, but aren't actually allergic to it, I can still recommend trying this salad - maybe even with just one stalk of celery.. The celery flavour is not obvious at all, in the salad, it's mainly there just for the right kind of texture, and works well with the other flavours..)

Then, a whole small onion..

Next, about 10-15cm (= 4-6 inches) of cucumber..

And then, the florets of a whole, average size broccoli..

You'll need plenty of mayonnaise (or light mayonnaise) to hold it all together - I used three VERY generous tablespoons..

One generous tablespoon of green pesto..

You don't necessarily need to add anything else, but I like to add some sea salt, black pepper, oregano, and chilli powder.. Just a sprinkle of each - see the above (left) picture for reference..

Mix it all together, and your salad is ready!

You can eat it as a salad, but my absolute favourite way is to stuff a tortilla wrap with it.. Total binge stuff 😍 I have actually had days when I have broccoli salad tortilla wraps for every meal..

Omnomnomnom.... 😍😍😍😍😍 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Old film stars and such..

I was going through my storage boxes, and took quick snaps of my late dad's collection of vintage pics, of old film stars, etc..

I remember seeing all the related envelopes, when I was a child.. It's a shame that only one is left! I love old envelopes, with beautiful handwriting (something so rare, these days), and stamps..