Thursday 17 August 2017

RIP Oscar ( whom I knew from 2008 - d. 15/8/2017 )

Oscar was a next door neighbour's cat, in Bray, but he was my garden kitty, and I loved him..

Now that I'm living in Meath, I've been visiting Bray home ~three times a week, and Oscar always rushed to meet me at my car when I arrived, and later at night, when I was heading home, he'd always walk me to my car..

I was there when his owner came to tell, that another neighbour had found Oscar dead, on Tuesday..

This photo is from 2013 - I've posted loads more in the comments to the above Facebook post.. (Link here)

Some weeks ago, I was taking a nap in Bray, and when I woke up, Oscar was sleeping next to me.. He'd sneaked in to the house, and joined me for a nap

RIP Oscar.. I'll always miss you..