Friday, 12 October 2018

Harvest pictures

I've been blogging in my Finnish blog, lately, so poor Stello Blog has been neglected a lot..

As I've been growing this and that, over the summer and autumn, I decided to post some harvest pictures 🍃

I got lots of peas, and had I replaced my flimsy yarn support, when the plants started getting too heavy, I probably would have gotten loads more.. Maybe next year - I've already bought stronger support string..

I never actually planted any spuds, but I've been getting lots of them as "compost surprises"

My favourite (=lots of flavour, and the least effort to make..) is to clean and chop the spuds, mix them with plenty of oil, and all kinds of seasonings (sweet chilli sauce is a must..), then spread them on the oven tray, and roast them for maybe 40 minutes or so..

I think, here I ate them with mayo and chives, although sour cream would be even nicer..

It's been a great bean year again - I've been eating them a lot, and my freezer is full..


Not a great year for herbs.. Mainly because I haven't had enough windowsill space, so most of my herbs have been on the kitchen counter where they don't really get enough sunshine.. But I have frozen a good bit of mint, and I think some basil and parsley as well..

Aaaand more beans...

My tomatoes never ripened outside as it got too cool while they were still green.. So, I picked them green, and wrapped them in paper to be ripened indoors..

I didn't have any brown paper (having just recycled it all), so I used baking paper..

Some beans again.. I made a big pot of soup with mainly beans, and whatever else.. Celery and onion, at least.. Leftover salsa, sweet chilli sauce, chilli powder, wasabi & sesame seasoning.. So, the soup had a nice kick to it! It was actually really good..

More compost surprises!

Some spuds had been "pre-eaten", so I just composted them again, to become new surprises..

Free food 😃

First signs of ripening..

Again, oven roasted spicy spuds..

Sour cream with chives and herbs, and mixed lettuce, with spicy spuds..

The earliest bunch of tomatoes had finally ripened They were so good, I just ate most of them with a sprinkle of sea salt..

The rest of the tomatoes are still ripening..

I made an omelette with all kinds of leftovers and such.. Top: a thick slice of ham.. the last bits of Finnish Oltermanni cheese.. Bottom: red pepper.. semi-ripened tomato.. scallions..

Three eggs, some water, sea salt, white pepper, garlic powder, chilli powder, wasabi & sesame seasoning, oregano..

I had it with mixed lettuce and another homegrown tomato