Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas done

I was in Bray on Christmas Eve, and again on Christmas Day..

Nice melon, soda bread, and smoked salmon breakfast, on Christmas Eve, with gourmet coffee.. (Skipped salmon on Christmas Day!)

Pushy was napping on my lap ♥

The ham - and pretty much the only actual food we had on Christmas Eve..

Came home late, and had some lovely Christmas drinks next door =)

I decided to open my pressies at home, on Christmas morning, rather than take them to Bray, and back again.. (Good decision as I got a lovely woolly shawl, which would now be smelling of cigarette smoke, had I brought it to Bray..) I got lovely stuff =)

Mmmmm.. This smells so good..

Christmas Day was turkey time.. (Well, ham, too..)

Omnomnom.. And some Christmas pudding..

2016 is almost over, but it still keeps killing my favourites =(

Earlier on, yesterday, there was the Russian plane crash, which killed my favourite choir, the Alexandrov Ensemble. It's so shocking, it feels unreal..

And then, late at night, the sad news that George Michael had died..

That's just.. No... =/

Today, I'm not going anywhere, just relaxing at home, drinking vino, eating chocolate, and watching telly..

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas - with some tunes =)

And here's some lovely Christmas music for you;

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Saara Aalto on The X Factor - from the auditions to the finals (videos)

Saara Aalto makes Nicole want to twerk! | Auditions Week 1 | The X Factor UK 2016

Will Saara Aalto wow with On The Radio? | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto fights for her Chair with I See Fire | Six Chair Challenge | The X Factor UK 2016

I couldn't find a video for Je Suis Malade (as seen on The X Factor), but this was where she was sent home, and then brought back as a Wild Card..

Saara Aalto covers Abba’s The Winner Takes it All | Judges’ Houses | The X Factor 2016

Saara proves her Snow Fairy credentials with Let it Go! | Live Shows Week 1 | The X Factor UK 2016

The X Factor UK 2016 Live Shows Week 1 Results Saara Aalto Sing-Off Full Clip S13E14

Saara Aalto belts out River Deep, Mountain High | Live Shows Week 2 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara fights for her place with Leona Lewis' Run | Results Show | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto belts out Bjork’s Oh So Quiet | | Live Shows Week 3 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto goes Gaga with Bad Romance | Live Shows Week 4 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara rocks out to Girls Aloud’s Sound of The Underground | Live Shows Week 5 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto fights for her place in the sing-off! | Results Show | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto does Donna Summer for Disco Week! | Live Shows Week 6 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto gets pulses racing with My Heart Will go on | Live Shows Week 7 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto goes Abba with Winner Takes it All! | Live Shows Week 8 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto is on cloud 9 with a diva medley | Live Shows Week 8 | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara gets into the Christmas spirit with Mariah Carey cover | Semi-Final | The X Factor UK 2016

Saara Aalto lights up the stage with Sia’s Chandelier | Semi-Final | The X Factor UK 2016

FINALS - Saturday:

She’s Queen of the night! Saara rules with Tears For Fears | Finals | The X Factor UK 2016

Magnifico! Saara and Adam Lambert team up for Bohemian Rhapsody! | Finals | The X Factor UK 2016

I love Queen, I love Adam Lambert, and I love Saara Aalto - this was FANTASTIC!!!

Saara will be in the "final final", today.. It's very much looking like she'll win The X Factor, but no matter what happens, she's already a Star =)

Friday, 9 December 2016

When you're angry, but you love cake =D (dog video)

I have watched this over and over again, and I'm still in hysterical giggles =D So funny!

(If you can't see the video, here's the link to it)

SuperValu Christmas vouchers for millionaires only

Quoting the full text below;

SuperValu Ireland - are you feckin' joking me? I'm a single household with no regular income, yet I am a regular customer in SuperValu Dunshaughlin, so I have earned my vouchers just as any other customer. But do you seriously expect me to have €110 or €130 to spend in one go, and just before Christmas, too?!?
Or, is it your plan to deliberately make the amount so big, that people can't afford to spend it, and therefore, won't be using the money-off vouchers? 
That's a disgusting way of treating your regular customers. 
The amount seems to be hiking up as well.. First, it was some money off when you spend €70 or €90.. Then, a little bit more money off when you spend €100, and now a bit more off again, if you spend €110 or €130.. 
Why not even divide the amounts on two vouchers (for the same week)? I'm sure, more people could afford to spend €55 in one go, to get €7.50 off. But of course, then, more customers would actually get to use the vouchers, and maybe you don't want that..? 
If Lidl Ireland sold the correct brand of cat food, I would start doing all my shopping in Ashbourne. (Note to LIDL - my cats love Felix As Good As It Looks, Vegetable Selection In Jelly...) 
#ripoff #Ireland #supervalu #voucher #Christmas #shopping #upset #lidl 
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Monday, 5 December 2016

Getting all Christmassy

I have my little Christmas tree..

I've been getting Christmas parcels.. =)


The weather has been sort of wintery..

I have four advent calendars..

Smoked salmon sambos.. Yummy roast chicken..

 More of the same gorgeous chicken.. Avocado sambos..