Tuesday, 12 September 2017

September drizzle & rain, with evening sun, in County Meath

September drizzle to rain

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Meditation music & asking for donations for Drumree cats

I'm in love with the above meditation music It's lovely and soothing in the background.. I spent most of today just listening to it, with muted Sky News on the telly, etc..

I've added a Donations button to my blog (see on the right column, just below the Twitter thing - you might need to scroll down a little bit..) as I'm running out of food for the outdoor cats, and I've no funds for more, unless we get some help.

Note: Currently, it says €370 of the €500 goal has been raised - however, this is a long time donations page, so funds collected in the past, have been used on food and TNR, and there is just nothing left. (Donations have only covered a minor part of feeding the cats. I have mainly funded it all myself, but as I've no regular income, at the moment, I can't afford it right now, which is why I'm asking for donations.)

The donation page is an ongoing thing, so I may adjust the goal amount, if necessary.

All donations are very much appreciated, and will be used on cat maintenance only

(If you'd want something for your money, you could always consider buying Threefingermen pictures.. Very affordable, unique acrylic paintings..) 😃