Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Some long weekends ahead

Not much left of this year, and I had some vacation days left, so rather than taking a week off (and some), I'm going to have some longer weekends =) (I'd already booked that last week, earlier on..)

I'm planning (well, hoping..) to do some Christmas shopping, and visit Fran's new gallery in Roundwood. Other than that, no plans.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Done with October

My ShutterCal - October 2014
October, in my ShutterCal

October briefly;
I finally bought new shoes.. I got rid of some kitchen clutter.. I had a puncture, and it broke my perfect attendance at work.. I got a parcel.. I bought a new tyre.. I bought a new duvet, sheets, and a blanket (LIDL).. I admired the autumny colours, here and there.. I was shooting a short horror film at work.. I got fridge magnets from a distant relative, whom I met online =D ... We kept seeing our squirrel friend.. I had a week off, and yet another crap birthday..