Monday, 29 December 2014

The pipes, the pipes are frozen...

It's been really cold, for the last two days or so, and the pipes are frozen - on the worst possible time, really.. I was just planning to wash my hair, when I noticed.. Now - two days later - my hair is quite disgusting, the laundry is starting to pile up, etc.. I'm going to need to go to Bray, tomorrow, just to wash my hair!

The main house has an outdoor tap, which isn't frozen (woohoo!), so I've been carrying buckets of water for flushing the loo - as you can see, it's not exactly good for other use.. Kinda brown..

The cats have been watching the outdoor cats (above & below).. I have food bowls outside the patio doors, and the outdoor cats usually just get Cara and Cuddles' leftovers, but now that it's been so cold out there, I've been giving them full pouches as well..

Three of my ceiling lights have died.. I've no ladder, and that'd be too high for me, anyway.. Mental note: buy more candles..

Sunday, 28 December 2014

I got this cool clock fan..

The Clock Fan (USB gadget) 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The busiest Christmas time, ever

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already over. I was so busy, leading up to it, and working before and after Christmas Day.. I've finally started my week off, now, so I have some time for blogging and such..

Cara and Cuddles are still getting used to each other. Cuddles is a bit of a bully, but it's not all bad as Cara actually goes to wake him up, sometimes, to play chase =)

I got a really nice present from Secret Santa, at work =) Santa mug, and warm kitty socks.


I meant to try this Christmas cake (LIDL recipe), but never had the time for it =/ I even bought a cake tin! Just didn't have the time to go and buy the dried fruit.. I pretty much had all the other ingredients.

I spent Christmas Day in Bray. It was really hard to drag myself out of bed, that morning, after working the late shift on Christmas Eve, and doing most of my shopping just before that shift..

D had done all the cooking. I usually avoid eating pork, but I did eat Christmas ham, and it was gooood. So was the turkey. I got loads to bring home as well.

I actually couldn't finish all that, I was too stuffed.. Couldn't even dream of touching the pudding! But I was working, the next day, so I took the leftovers of my Christmas dinner, for my breakfast at work (early shift, this time - really short Christmas!)

I got a practical can of de-icer (because my car is often covered with ice, in the mornings..), and when I was heading to work, the next morning, I took my de-icer, all ready to kill some ice - only to find that it was a mild morning, and there was no ice! LOL.. (So, no.. I haven't tried it yet..)

St. Stephen's Day was actually not too bad, at work. There were only two of us working, from our team, and it was a really quiet day. The bad bit, though, was that the heating hadn't been on, and even when they switched it on, it takes a LONG time for such huge space to get warm, so I actually wore my winter coat, the whole day, and had a huge scarf as a blanket, on my legs.. Brrrrrr!

I got more tools for scraping ice off Esmeralda =) This one's from H, and she'd added a shiny snow flake sticker, which is really cool!

The cats loved Christmas turkey.. I only ate the last Christmas foodies today, and they got noms, too, of course. Especially Cara, really loved the turkey.

It's funny - I don't really drink much alcohol, these days. Mostly because I'm driving on most days (when speeding on motorways, with L plates on the car, it would not be a great idea to be over the limit as well..), and also because it's expensive, and I don't really even miss it. It's nice to have the odd cheapo beer from LIDL, but that's about it.

I'd bought myself a bottle of port, and a bottle of cheapo Irish cream, for Christmas time, and only opened them yesterday evening, when I'd done that last day of work.

Well, I happened to get a bottle of whiskey for a present, so I could now become a vacation alcoholic =D Nah, I don't think I'll open that one yet.

In that other picture, Cuddles is watching Cara inspect the "Crazy Cat Lady" sign, which I got for a present as well =) I'm not planning to leave it there, but I keep forgetting to bring my hammer, from Bray, so can't put more nails on the walls, until I get the hammer. I'd say the sign will eventually go in the hall..