Tuesday, 6 February 2018

LiveLAGOM update & Cosy Homes workshop

I collected my LiveLAGOM shopping in December (detailed shopping list here)..

The lovely blankets came just in time as I was sick for Christmas, staying home alone as a sofa burrito..

The extra clothes dryer has made my laundry schedule so much easier, and the laundry bag corner looks so much better (see below)..

I'm also in love with the Förtrolig dishes, and I've used them a lot!

My old laundry bag was a sorry looking old shopping bag - and occasionally, a bunch of plastic bags on top of it.. The laundry corner looks so much nicer now!

I did actually get two laundry bags, but the other one hasn't found its place yet. I considered putting it in the bedroom upstairs, but that would probably become a cat bed in no time..

I often prep fruit and store it in the fridge, in the smaller Förtrolig dishes. It's handy to just grab some snack size fruity bits whenever I feel like it..

The light wardrobe is great! I put it together downstairs, and then just carried it upstairs - it's lighter than a small tent, but surprisingly roomy..

I got a few boxes there as well..

Aaand, Cuddles likes to nap on top of it.............

I stitched the two bathroom mats together, making a pillow case, and put the cushion inside - it's so comfortable and warm

The Förtrolig dishes are my favourite oven dishes - I usually use the larger ones, but have also used the small ones..

Cuddles, enjoying the blankets as well..

🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰 🏰

I've been meaning to blog about our Cosy Homes workshop as well - I'd better do it now as we'll have a Curry in a Hurry workshop, coming up soon.. 😃

I was a bit early, so had a sambo and a gorgeous carrot-orange-apple juice while waiting.. (I've tried to replicate it at home, but I don't have a juicer, so I can only make a smoothie version - nice as well, but not quite as good as the juice version..)

We are always pampered at the workshops

We were hand stitching draft blocker cushions - and the children were drawing pictures, as well as designing their own snake cushions..

The workshop was only scheduled to last two hours, I think, but I actually ended up staying another two hours, to finish my cushion! Very enjoyable evening

This is my cushion, which was supposed to be a draft blocker, but I found it way too nice to put on the floor..

As you can see, it's BIG!!! 😂 (I got some leftover materials, and stitched another one at home, after the workshop - I just need filling for it.. And I JUST took several bags of old clothes to a recycling centre, last summer.. Had I not done that, I could have used them for filling!)

I got a lovely goody bag, leftover materials, and we got to keep the sewing kits we'd used in the workshop! ♥♥♥ Cara came to check everything..

I didn't really have a Christmas, so this was a lovely surprise

I love the sewing kit! It's so much nicer than the cheapo ones I have, with proper scissors and all..

You can never have too many blankets.. And I love the huge mug

The cats were delighted with the goody bag cardboard box..

I gave the (fake) sheepskin (Materials: Pile: 44% modacrylic, 28.5% polyester, 27.5% acrylic, Base fabric: 100% polyester) to the cats as they would have soon grabbed it, anyway.. Cara was not that interested, after the first try, but Cuddles loves it, and often naps on it..

This is where my "draft blocker" cushion ended up - as a back support cushion on the sofa. It's really nice! (The wall art is by me - Threefingermen..)


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Funny timing - Love by Design, and models in dollhouses..

Earlier today, I found and followed a lovely miniature related Instagram account, golightly_miniatures..

One of the pictures they'd shared, a shot by Annie Leibovitz, features a fashion model in a dollhouse, sort of like Alice in Wonderland, too large for her surroundings..

I liked the photo, and moved on..

 After a while, I switched the telly on, and after some channel hopping, I found a romcom type film, which had just started - Love by Design, so I thought I'd leave it on for some background entertainment..

And suddenly, they were having a fashion shoot, where the female lead was arranging this shot;


A glimpse of that scene is on the official movie trailer on youtube;

I just couldn't believe the TIMING.. Until today, I had never seen the original fashion picture.. So, what are the odds, that I should see it for the first time, and then, max. two hours later, see a movie where it was copied..?! Complete coincidence.. 😃

The film itself is not so good.. 😂 The female lead is from Romania, and goes back home, after losing her job and boyfriend in NYC.. Although she has clearly lived in Romania until old enough to move abroad on her own (=most of her life), her mother starts by introducing her to her other family members, and them to her.. Like, what? Surely, you'd know your family members already, having lived there for your first twenty years or so?!?

Also, they speak English with heavy accents, and some local people speak Romanian, with someone translating to the lead character, because she doesn't understand / speak Romanian.. Again - what? She'd lived there until leaving for the US, and you don't just forget your first language in a few years..

Then, there's the new romantic interest, an English guy, who is desperately trying to be young Hugh Grant..

Lots of facepalming..