Thursday, 29 September 2016

All zipped up - trying Etsy.. =)

I got my first zippers from Cork Button Company (FB) - I didn't order that many as I didn't have much material, at the time, and I sort of wanted some testers first.

The colours were exactly what I wanted, and I'm happy with the quality, as well as their prompt shipping, so I can totally recommend them, and will be ordering more zippers soon! =)

Although I've been a member of Etsy since 2011, I've never actually sold anything, but I've put these small handbags up as my first items. They are really small - the bottom width is about six inches, and bag height is about five inches, so they're good for when you only want to grab the basics with you, like when you're going out to walk the dog, do a bit of shopping, etc.. These bags are just enough for keys, small purse, pocket mirror, and a lipstick, for example. Not big enough for a large smartphone, but a smaller phone should be fine.

The fabric is thin 100% cotton.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Describing myself in three fictional characters

Link to my original post on Facebook =)

I kind of wanted a dark Sideshow Bob there as well, but..

Saturday, 24 September 2016

My favourite garage ♥

Above, a screenshot of my Facebook post, so here's a list of the links;

I can't praise this garage enough ♥ They fixed my Esmeralda, after the crash, last year (when the insurance company wanted to write her off), and today I got new front tyres, and a few other fixes (after having a puncture on the mountains, the other day).. Really good service, they know what they're doing, and very decent prices as well. No wonder they're always busy! 
The link goes to Google Street View, showing the place, it's just across the road from SuperValu Dunshaughlin (and if you leave your car with them for a while, I can also recommend The Snug Kitchen, which is a nice little coffee shop on the same road, on your left if you walk towards Main Street..)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

On leaving North Korea

(No, not the country..)

When you find that your work place is like a North Korean creche, and it's not getting better, it's time to go.

Yesterday was that point for me.

I decided, I will no longer be treated unfairly and humiliated.

I got up, I collected my things, I posted a brief goodbye to my team, I shut off my computer, I left my desk key on the drawer lock, and handed out my badge at the reception.

Then I walked out.

I will never go back to North Korea.

And now I can be myself again =)