Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

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So, 2012 is almost over.. It was the year when I finally took that Irish course, learning much more than I expected, but sadly I've since forgotten much of it as I couldn't afford to continue in the autumn =( BUT, I do have my notes (and I made LOADS of notes..), so I plan to get back to them now as I don't want to forget everything!

I also took a business course, which was very useful. You could probably learn all that stuff online, but you'd never know what to look for, so I'm glad that I took the course and made lots of notes of it as well.

Maybe the most important part was learning to drive, and buying a car! Not that I've been driving lately, with all my money going to Christmas stuff, and icy roads when I did feel like going for a spin, etc., so I never got that full licence this year, but that's something I'm going to have to do in 2013 - and I will.

2012 was also the year when I lost Ginga.. I had more in common with Ginga, than anyone would even know, so he took a part of me with him.

Ready for 2013 now...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Do you REALLY want to know what your cats get up to...?

What Cats Are Truly Doing When Going Out

Important sparrows must be shared

S41: [appears at the door] Stick on the news! I've had a Christmas clearance, and those sparrows are gonna hit Australia, any time now..

(It actually got totally vile from there, but I have some self-censorship..)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Two quick snaps from yesterday - my godson =)

I have a virtual mountain of recent photos to sort and upload, but I can't wait to brag about my gorgeous godson.. =D I was at their place, yesterday, and he was really into posing, as you can see above.. (He also wanted to see every picture as soon as I'd taken it, and then he'd rush back to do some more posing.. So cute!)

He's not only into posing for pictures, he also enjoys taking them;

I got some of his dance moves on video, but I had to shoot it vertically, and the only site that allows effortless video rotation, is Facebook, so here it is.. (I might manually rotate it, at some point, and then upload to Youtube or Vimeo as well..)

I'll try to share more pictures during the weekend..

About a Boy - the Christmas miracle..

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)  Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
I was watching "About a Boy", a few hours ago, when I received a text message from Mauritius - about a boy. It was from Mala (Muzakir's mother, pictured above with Muzakir). She told me that they were already at the clinic, and Muzakir's kidney operation will take place at 2pm local time, which is at 10am Irish time.

I am extremely grateful for all the donations that made it possible! Especially the €4600 private loan from a person who wishes to remain anonymous.. Without that loan, this operation might not be happening today.. And we will keep asking for donations, to help the family pay back this loan.

As soon as I know more, I will post an update, and I will do proper updates on the collection pages as well - I just wanted to share the good news a.s.a.p.!

Please, say a prayer for Muzakir, that the operation will be successful and everything will be fine..

1:40pm (Irish time) update: Nata just received this text message from Mala; "Great news nata operation successful hugs to everyone weeping with excitement now doctor said will wait n watch between 24hrs he is in ICCU Spread the message with every donators" =D (I texted Mala right away, to save her time and phone credit before she'd send the same message to me.) So, so happy for them!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas ruined - Rant

So.. I had all the presents wrapped in good time before Christmas Day, everyone's name was clearly written on every present, with a red marker, which could NOT be missed, and the presents were neatly organised in front of the fireplace, even so that everyone's presents were piled up separately.. On the far left, I had the presents for my godson and his family, because I'm going to their place for lunch on 27th, and I was going to bring the presents then.

Yesterday, after Christmas dinner (and washing up), we unwrapped the presents. I handed D's mother's presents to her first, we were all in the living room, and when we were done, I collected the discarded wrapping papers, took them to the recycling bag, and we all took our own presents and fecked off, except for D's mother who stayed in the living room.

Sometime in the evening, I heard D shouting downstairs, giving out to his mother, but I didn't know what it was about. Later on, I was in the kitchen, she came in with some chit-chat, but didn't say anything about this;

When she'd already gone to bed, D told me that she'd gone and opened one of my presents for my godson!

I was really pissed off, because I was SO done with wrapping presents, I'd brought all the materials up to the attic, etc.. However, I thought I might as well go and re-wrap it right away, to be done with it..

I can't even begin to describe how FUCKIN' SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF I was, when I discovered that not only had she unwrapped the present, she had also opened the toy packaging, ripping the outer packaging and then taking it to the recycling bin, as if hiding what she'd done!!!

And we're talking about a toy package where the actual toy is CLEARLY VISIBLE without even opening the box, AND it says what it is, with big text on it!!! ( When I'd bought that toy, I actually SHOWED it to her, explaining that it was for the godson, so she had SEEN it already, and could not possibly have thought that it was for HER!)

I can't now give this toy to the child, because it's been ripped open. Yes, the toy would still be playable, but it's a Christmas present for my godson, and I'm not giving him something that looks like third hand rubbish I bought for 5c from some homeless junkie who'd stolen it from a charity shop.

Oh, and she'd also unwrapped my present to my godson's parents - a box of crispy chocolates. This was also a package with a see-through part, so you could see the contents without even opening the box, AND it said what it was on the box. She still had to open that box as well. I don't even think that she'd actually HAD any, but the box now clearly looks like it has been opened (and MAYBE one chocolate taken, maybe not)... I can't possibly give it to anyone as a present. It would say "I didn't think you'd be worth a proper present, so here's an already-opened box of chocolates as I opened it and tried one, but didn't like them, so I thought I'd give the rest for you as a Christmas present.." My friends mean more to me than that.

I will want money for a new toy, new box of chocolates, and a new roll of wrapping paper.

(I also want the criminal's head in a bag, so I can play footie with it..)

Also, instead of being able to relax and get ready, on Thursday morning, I now need to get up really early, rush to the shops, get back home, wrap the presents again, and rush to their place for lunch. I - hate - rushed - mornings - like - that.

I am so fuckin' angry that I'm actually shaking, and I've even had a bottle of vino.

If I hadn't been sipping all this vino, I'd probably have ripped my way through her locked bedroom door, pulled her out of bed, ripped her skin off in 1cm threads, rubbed salt in the wounds, dipped her in acid (reminder: buy acid), tarred and feathered her..

*Just a little bit annoyed, in case you can't tell...*

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I ended up only sleeping about four hours again.. I meant to go back to non-bed, this morning, but then the cats wanted food, I took some early morning pictures, etc., and eventually, I didn't even feel tired anymore. I feel tired NOW, though! I might fall asleep over Christmas dindins..


Picture for my Christmas page 2012

And here's some Christmas music for everyone (who's using Spotify);

Yesterday must have been the first Christmas Eve in my life, when I didn't eat almost anything. I just didn't have the time, and then I forgot.. I did have a slice of ham, and a few little bits of turkey wing, but that was all.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lots of donations have gone through already

I have updated both Muzakir collection pages (in English & suomeksi), adding the above Notepad screenshot. It's the list of donations Mala had received by yesterday. After those, at least two donations have been made (USD 470 and EUR 100), but those haven't gone through yet. I have blurred the names as some people wish to remain anonymous.

I am so happy to see that many donations, but they still need much more.. I am trying to find out a more exact amount of how much more is still needed until the whole operation fee is collected, but it's weekend now, and I don't know if Mauritian banks are closed for Christmas or not (with the majority of Mauritians being something other than Christians), so I'm not sure when Mala can go to the bank again.

Be a part of this Christmas Miracle, make a donation, share the link/s.. Thank you.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A few more photos of Muzakir

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
My Finnish friend Nata created a Facebook page for the Christmas Miracle we are trying to create for baby Muzakir and his family - unfortunately, the page is only available in Finnish, but feel free to Like it, anyway! (You can post there in English as well, of course!) Nata has also shared some more photos of Muzakir, taken last summer when one of Nata's daughters was in the same hospital with him. Above, Mala (Muzakir's mother), Rauha (Nata's daughter), and Muzakir (held by Rauha).

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)   Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
Above left, Rauha and Muzakir, and right, Muzakir and Mala. Below, Muzakir.

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)

As I mentioned already, some donations have already gone through - it usually takes a few days, with international payments. I would love to be able to give exact amount updates, but I think that Mala has enough worries, at the moment, for me to be asking her to go to the bank all the time. After all, she's had to quit her job, because she needs to be at home with Muzakir, and they do have five other children as well. However, we are not even near to the full amount yet, so please, keep making donations.

Christmas page screenshot with Firefox Personas
* * * Happy Christmas * * *

Grumpy Fat

I was so tempted to do this with actual makeup, but I was lazy and photoshopped it instead.. I webcammed the expression as close to Tard's as possible, and didn't change any features, I just painted the Tard makeup over my face =) I love the Grumpy Cat.. (Feel free to Like or Dislike on Cheezburger)

Meanwhile, on the serious side of things.. I just got a text from Mala (baby Muzakir's mother, in Mauritius), who was happy to report that some donations have gone through, towards Muzakir's kidney operation! A lot of money is still needed, so I am asking everyone to make a donation or even just share the link.. But I am so happy to hear that some people have donated already. Thank You!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Do you prefer to mourn the dead or save the living?

Three days ago, there was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty children and six adults were killed.

Social media sites are full of links to news articles, memorial pages, picture galleries, blog entries, etc., relating to the tragedy. This is understandable as people are shocked, whether they knew any of the victims or not.

If only the amount of sympathy could raise the dead, but it can't. The victims will remain dead, no matter what.


There is a 6-month-old innocent child in Mauritius who is still alive, but might not be for very long, unless he gets the kidney operation he needs.

There is something people could actually DO to help keep this child alive, by donating money towards the operation. Even very small donations would help, if enough people chip in.

I have asked people to donate, or at least share the link, but only a handful of people have done it.

Why is it that so many people prefer to mourn the dead, rather than save the living?

You could even do both, but if you had to choose, would it not be more important to save the living?

Or is it because the poor child lives far away in Mauritius, that makes him seem somehow less important?

Please, Keep Muzakir Alive

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)

This morning, I was texting with Mala (Muzakir's mother). She told me that the operation, which was supposed to take place tomorrow, has been postponed for ten days as they still don't have enough money to pay for it. The operation needs to take place on 28th December at the latest, because the surgeon will go on holidays after that, for three months, and no one knows if Muzakir would make it, if the operation has to be postponed that much further. Please, please, PLEASE, give this child a chance, make a donation towards his kidney operation. (As international transfers take a few days to go through, I would ask that donations were made sooner, rather than later.)

Don't let him become someone who needs a memorial page.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Salvation Army band for ESC 2013

Heilsarmee - You And Me (Switzerland 2013)

Heilsarmee is a Swiss Salvation Army group, and they will represent Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo, Sweden!

Wikipedia: Heilsarmee Switzerland has chosen for Malmö: It is Heilsarmee


[NF] ESC 2013: Switzerland: Heilsarmee - "You & Me"

My virtual Christmas card is up

Christmas page screenshot with Firefox Personas
And no, I've no idea who the child is, I just saw her at the Chrismas fair yesterday, and she looked like she'd just jumped out of a fairy tale, so she ended up on my Christmas card. See it bigger on the Christmas page (I've included Muzakir links in the footer as the child really needs help - maybe you can be a part of a Christmas miracle for him and his family, by donating towards his kidney operation..)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I knew it'd look different in the movie..

Ek Tha Tiger Tram Scene (Action Luas..)

Ek Tha Tiger crash scene on location, 8th October 2011

I don't want to see it now as I've gone off Bollywood movies. They just remind me of a self-centered stumpy granny who ruins other people's lives.

12-12-12, 12:12

I will probably be asleep when this appears in the blog - just had to time it for the "soundcheck day" =)

Please, Help Muzakir - FIN; Auta Muzakiria
They are supposed to pay for his operation today, but they don't have enough money yet.. Donations are really needed desperately! (The collection is ongoing, until they have enough for the operation - if they have to postpone it, Muzakir will still need the operation! So, please, help if you can..)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

About Ginga..

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

This picture (above) makes me cry as the ginger cat looks very much like Ginga (except Ginga had just one ear - the story about that is towards the end of this Bray People article..). When myself, Thatsit, and Oimouttahere moved to Bray in March 1999, Ginga was already in the garden, he was fully grown, and he'd been TNR'ed. Thatsit and Oimo were born in April 1998, and were still growing when we moved to Bray. I would guesstimate that Ginga was at least one year older than them.

Looking at that kitten version, in the above picture, makes me so sad about never knowing Ginga's background.. Was he born as a feral kitten, or was he dumped in this area when he was still a kitten? There's no way of knowing.. I am just hoping that wherever he is now, he'll know how much he WAS loved (and always will be), how much he mattered, and how much he is missed..

For most of his life, as much as I wanted to get closer with him, give him love and cuddles, and be his Mama, I didn't do most of it, for his sake - like you would allow a wild animal to be wild, to survive. I fed him (not too regularly when he was younger, just to avoid making him too dependant on people, but when he got older, feeding became regular), I talked to him, and I gave him a little rub under the chin or such, just to let him know that he could trust me, in case he'd ever be injured or anything.. Sometime last summer, I noticed that he was starting to go blind, so I started getting closer with him. If the weather was good enough, I'd sit in the garden and we'd have cuddle sessions, etc. I did pick him up a few times, just briefly, and he didn't struggle or anything, but I could sense that he wasn't really comfortable with that. He preferred to relax on the ground while I was petting him and talking to him. It was always breaking my heart, that I couldn't let him in to the house..

Ginga is tempted to go in..
I hope that wherever he is now, he will know that there was nothing wrong with him.. That it was never his fault that he couldn't come in to the house (until it was his last night and day, and a few secret nights before that).. That there is someone who will always remember him and always think about him.. That his Mama would have loved to cuddle him everyday, from when he was a kitten, to the very end.. Unfortunately, we just had that very end..

Ginga  Ginga
He was always so polite.. He would just quietly sit behind that kitchen door, looking in.. A couple of years ago, when Pushy came to the scene and just forced his way in to the house (hence the name..), I felt horrible for Ginga as he'd been here so much longer, and hadn't been let in.. Pushy doesn't really get to stay in the house, but he knows to run straight to the attic where no one can get him.. Clever child.. Still, I always fed Ginga first, to show him that he was important.. It will always break my heart that I wasn't able to give him more..

"Is it for us?"
Ginga was very beautiful, photogenic, fluffy and clean.. The only time I ever got to really hold him close and hug him, was when he was already dead.. I hope his soul stayed around for that little while, to feel the love..

I know he had a very long life for a feral / semi-feral cat, and it was so much better and safer than what many (or most) other feral cats have, and I'm glad to know that he will never feel pain anymore (as there must have been pain, if he had a tumour..), he will never feel cold, he will never be alone.. But I am so heartbroken about his death, and a little part of me did go with him - and a little part of him will always be with me..

Feral cat box

Sunday, 9 December 2012

RIP Ginga, ~1997(?) - 2012

Ginga died peacefully at about 3:30pm today.. Although he had to live most of his life as a feral / semi-feral outdoor cat, he did not die homeless.

He was doing well and loved his new winter box, but something made me decide to let him in, last night (which wasn't even a particularly cold night, compared to some we've had recently), and I went out looking for him. I saw him sleeping in his box, so I thought he'd be fine, but he must have heard me and woken up - he soon came to the kitchen door, and I could immediately see that something was wrong.. He wasn't sitting up, he was in a low position.. I picked him up carefully, and took him in. I noticed that he could barely support his (light) weight on his back legs, and walking was very difficult..

He drank some warm water, didn't want food, and I helped him to the living room carpet where he rested - I don't think he was comfortable enough to actually sleep.. It was just after midnight, so I didn't want to disturb the vet by texting so late, but luckily he happened to see my Facebook message, so he texted back and asked me to keep Ginga warm and fed, and to text him back in the morning.

I spent lots of time downstairs, during the night, just to keep an eye on Ginga, and to help him if he needed anything.. I even held him on my lap for a little while, but as he wasn't used to being held, he didn't feel comfortable with that, and I put him back on the floor. He would rest, and maybe nod off a little bit, and occasionally take a few unsure steps to a new spot.. Eventually, he settled at the door between the living room and hall (which is always open for the cats, but which is not really used otherwise).

Pete (the vet) phoned in the morning, and we both agreed that it would be the best thing for Ginga, to put him to sleep, as sad as it was.. Pete said he would come sometime afternoon, so I had plenty of time to be with Ginga.. I was gently petting him and talking to him, and sometimes just sitting next to him on the floor, and even leaving him alone for a while, just so he wouldn't feel too overwhelmed or anything.. He was purring, and did actually get some proper sleep as well.. During the night, he drank some more warm water, but didn't want any food. He didn't even want any roast chicken..

Then it was time to say goodbye.. I was petting Ginga as Pete put him to sleep, and it was very peaceful and beautiful - and extremely sad, of course..

I had written him a letter, which I rolled and placed inside the finger puppet angel I bought in Italy. I also gave him a pink wooden heart with Love from Mama (=me), and a piece of me (=some hair), and I got a piece of him (=some hair).. I put him in a comfortable position, hugging his little angel, and wrapped him in his grey IKEA blanket, which has been with me pretty much everywhere - and lately with Ginga in his winter box.. Then I buried him under his tree in the back garden. It was such a hard thing to do, to put him in his cold grave, when he was still warm and all I wanted to do was to keep holding him.. But I am so grateful that I got to give him a home for his last night and day, and that he was as comfortable as he could have been - Pete said he could feel a tumour in his abdomen - and that he felt loved. He didn't have to die alone.

RIP my angel... (FB)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Help Muzakir - Auta Muzakiria

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)  Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
Baby Muzakir (above left, and in the other photo, with his mother Mala, my Finnish friend Nata and one of her twin daughters) is very ill in Mauritius, and really needs the kidney operation, which is booked for 18th December. The family needs to pay for it on 12th December. At the moment, they don't have enough money as the first operation took all their savings.

Please, help make a Christmas miracle happen for Muzakir and his family, and make a donation towards his operation. As much as we tried, we couldn't find any other way to do it, than direct deposits to Mala's (=Muzakir's mother's) bank account. You will find her name, address, and bank account info here:

Help Muzakir with a donation

Auta Muzakiria lahjoituksella (in Finnish)

Pieni Muzakir (ylla vasemmalla, ja toisessa kuvassa aitinsa sylissa - suomalaisen ystavani Natan ja toisen hanen kaksostyttarensa vierella) sairastaa vakavasti Mauritiuksella, ja todella tarvitsee munuaisleikkauksen, jonka on tarkoitus tapahtua 18. joulukuuta. Perheen on maksettava leikkaus jo 12. joulukuuta. Talla hetkella heilla ei ole tarpeeksi rahaa, koska ensimmainen leikkaus vei perheen saastot.

Pyydan kaikkia osallistumaan lahjoituksella, ja antamaan Muzakirille perheineen jouluinen ihme. Emme valitettavasti loytaneet mitaan muuta toimivaa lahjoituskeinoa kuin suora tilillepano Malan (siis Muzakirin aidin) pankkitilille. Loydat hanen nimensa, osoitteensa ja pankkitilitietonsa ylla olevan linkin kautta.

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)

Simon's Cat - Icecapade

Brilliant =D

Less than a week left, to help little Muzakir

Muzakir's operation is booked for 18th December. His family needs to pay for it on 12th December - that's next Wednesday.

PayPal Mauritius has been totally useless, wasting weeks of our time - we were hoping to set up a donation link, but it's been impossible, thanks to PayPal Mauritius.. (I have explained this further on the page behind that link - here it is again.)

As Mala (Muzakir's mother) is getting desperate by now, we decided to make her bank account info public, as well as her name and address. We are still waiting to get the necessary IBAN code, which she can't get until tomorrow. Once we have that, I will update the Muzakir page again, and I am really, really hoping that people would start sharing that link as widely as possible and asking everyone to make at least a small donation.. Small streams make a river, so maybe we can create a Christmas miracle for little Muzakir.. He really needs it!

Christmas parcel on the way

Christmas pressies for my parents Christmas pressies for my parents
I couldn't believe the price of sending a 3.875kg parcel to Finland - €50!!! Would have been €55, had I registered it. Insane.. Skint now! But I hope they'll like the pressies =)

Christmas pressies for my parents

Monday, 3 December 2012

Gypsy tunes

This has been my gypsy music favourite, since I first heard in the 90's.. (I bought a "Gypsy Music from Hungary" double CD in Galway, and then just ended up playing this track on repeat.. I love, love, LOVE it!)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmassy music (Spotify playlist)

I made a Spotify playlist with some of my Christmas favourites (although, I couldn't find the right versions of ALL of them).. Most of the "new" stuff is in the end, but that's pretty ancient as well =D Just comfy stuff, like.. A bit of Handel, here and there.. Enjoy!

Moon & Jupiter - and night lights

Night lights - with the moon and Jupiter
These pictures are from 28th November, and the planet you can see on the left side of the moon, is Jupiter.

Jupiter and the moon Moon (cropped)

Night lights - with the moon and Jupiter Night lights - with the moon and Jupiter

Ginga and his box

Ginga in his feral cat box IKEA blanket in Ginga's feral cat box
On the left, a really poor quality snap of Ginga in his feral cat box. In the next photo, the box with an IKEA blanket. I hope they still have those blankets in IKEA as I'd want to buy a few more.. The last time I was there, they didn't have them! There were other cheapo blankets, but I didn't like them as much. This one feels amazing, and I loved the selection of earthy colours. This blanket has been "everywhere" with me, but when Oimo was really ill, I gave it to him, and as he hasn't needed it anymore, I washed it and gave it to Ginga. I hope it'll keep him warm and comfy in that box. We've had very cold weather lately, and Ginga seems to spend most of the time in the box, only coming out to eat, etc.

My retro phone

Native Union retro phone Native Union retro phone
This is my retro phone (see the earlier entry about it, and the adapter related disappointment).

Native Union fella actually got in touch on Facebook, and promised to have a free adapter sent to me (yay!), but it hasn't arrived yet, so I still haven't been able to try this.. Can't wait! It just feels so comfortable, like the old landline phones..

Autumny wrist

Knitting my arm warmer sleeves
Knitting is so slow..

Really nice yogurt

Dunnes Stores pineapple & coconut yogurt Dunnes Stores pineapple & coconut yogurt
Dunnes Stores rich & creamy pineapple & coconut yogurt. Mmmmm... Out of those two flavours, coconut is much stronger, and the texture has that nice coconut flakiness as well. This might be one of those things that you either love or hate. I love it. I think it's at its best if it's not quite fridge cold, so I'll put some on a plate and just leave it for a while, so it'll get closer to room temperature. (I need to watch it, though, or Thatsit will eat it..)

This and that omelettes & fried spuds

Chopped stuff for an omelette.. Making an omelette with mushroom, red pepper, German salami, mild white cheddar, scallions..
I'm having an omelette & fried spuds phase.. They are just so quick and easy to make, and they both take all kinds of leftovers. The first three pics are of a three-egg omelette I made with a big mushroom, some German salami, half a red pepper, scallions, and a leftover bit of mild white cheddar, which had gone a bit dry and wouldn't have been so nice for a sambo anymore.

Omelette on white bread.. Mushroom, red pepper, German salami, mild white cheddar, scallions..
I had it on white bread, mmmmm...

Bread, lettuce, white pudding - waiting for the omelette Making an omelette
These next three pics show my white bread, white pudding, iceberg lettuce & omelette with mushrooms, scallions, red pepper and mild white cheddar - I may have fried some garlic with the scallions as well, I can't remember for sure.. Mega stuffage..

White bread, white pudding, lettuce.. Omelette with scallions, mushrooms, red pepper and mild white cheddar..

And now, some fried spuds..

Fried spuds, white pudding, scallions, garlic, mushrooms, red & green pepper, iceberg lettuce, eggs - can't remember if there was anything else
Fried spuds, white pudding, scallions, garlic, mushrooms, red & green pepper, iceberg lettuce, eggs - can't remember if there was anything else..

Fried spuds, white pudding, onion, garlic, mushrooms, green pepper, iceberg lettuce, eggs, veggie stock
Fried spuds, white pudding, onion, garlic, mushrooms, green pepper, iceberg lettuce, eggs, veggie stock..

Fish fingers, tartar sauce, mushrooms, mash Nuked rice & veg, toast with cheese
Something different - above left, fish fingers with mash, fried mushrooms, and tartar sauce.. (=I was shopping at Dunnes, saw the tartar sauce, and got an insta-craving for fish fingers, so I bought some.. Oimo actually had about three of those.) Above right, I was chatting with a friend, and got hungry, so I just nuked some rice & veg (those "Fusions" bags, I think this one was Mediterranean, which is my favourite..), and made some toast with mild white cheddar.. I know, they don't really go together, but they did the job..

Fried spuds, scallions, iceberg lettuce, egg, veggie stock cube, salmon..
Yesterday, I had some fried spuds, scallions, iceberg lettuce, egg, veggie stock cube, and salmon.. It was actually gorgeous!

Some people boil the spuds before frying, but I think that takes too much time and effort. Just cube them small and fry them first (adding other stuff later).. The first time I fried lettuce, I was just being experimental as I had some lettuce which had gone a bit off.. But I've become to really like it in the fry! I think iceberg lettuce is the best for this purpose. It's the last thing I add, unless I'm adding an egg - in that case, the egg will be the last thing.