Saturday, 7 February 2015

Spring surprise!

I've been on the late shifts, at work, so it's always dark when I come home, I'm kind of busy in the mornings, and generally, I just haven't had any reason to go out to the patio / back 'garden'.. So, had D not gone out there today, for a smoke, I might not have noticed these spring flowers at all! =D

Pretty evening skies, earlier on tonight..

I made brownies today - LIDL Belbake mix, and I only noticed at home, that it contained palm oil =( I've had a lot of those moments, lately - not thinking of looking at the shops, and buying something that's killing the orangutans =( It's almost like they're putting palm oil (a.k.a. "vegetable oil") in everything..

Now, chillin' on the large sofa, with the laptop, telly, sleepy kitties, gourmet coffee, tealights, etc..