Saturday, 31 October 2009

Adding widgets

My old blog had way too many widgets and things, on the side panel.. I'm trying not to go as widget crazy here, but I've added some basics, and I might be adding a few more, when I come across something interesting.
I've added the Google Friend Connect widget as I find it very handy on other people's blogs (feel free to hit the Follow button!). That's the only widget I've placed above the blog navigation.
If you scroll down, to the "I power Blogger" button and the feed link, you'll find the rest of my blog widgets..
There are three random photos from my Flickr albums - you can find thousands more, by clicking on them..
I like to follow some basic weather info, and as I'm often in the attic, my quickest way of checking the weather is to check it online! (Unless it's stormy or rainy - I can hear that..) So, below my Flickr widget, you'll find Dublin weather and sun & moon buttons, and Bray weather button, which measures the current weather right across the road from where we live!
And finally, there's the Live Traffic Feed widget, from Feedjit. That's all, for now...

1/11/2009: I added a Facebook widget, above the Flickr yoke, and there's also a Networked Blogs (FB) widget, below the others..
3/11/2009: I added a Facebook badge for Bray Forum fan page; it's right below my personal Facebook widget.

Happy Hallowe'en!

A trip to the kitchen is never simple

It seems impossible to just go to the kitchen, get whatever you were after, and leave.. Like just a little while ago, I wanted to grab a few Mikados (biscuits), but before I got to that, I had to clean a plate, let Thatsit out for a quick pee, wait for her to come back (=two whistles from the back door, one from the front door), give her dry food (as she didn't want the wet food that was in the bowl already), clean the water bowl and refill it.. I nearly forgot to grab those biscuits!
Now that I'm back in the attic, I'm half-waiting for Oimouttahere to wake up and want to nip out for a minute, etc..

I'm a Delete person

You Are Delete
You are busy, no nonsense, and super productive. You don't have time for distractions in your life.
If something bothers you or upsets you, you try to get it out of your mind as quickly as possible.
You've been known for dropping conversations, friends, and even jobs that are toxic to you. You have no problem letting go.
You look to the future and don't hold on to the past. In your opinion, the past often ties you down... and you'd like to be as free as possible.

I totally recognise myself from that.

Hairy result

I have to blog this!

You Should Have Super Long Hair
You are free spirited and carefree. You are a total wild child, and no one is going to tame you!
Your hair tells people that you're an individual who doesn't care what other people think. You and your hair break all the rules.
You are a mysterious type who has many secrets. You prefer to keep to yourself.
There's a lot hiding behind that hair. Very few people truly understand what you are all about.

I do have super long hair

Friday, 30 October 2009

My Sims 3 stuff

Front view..I can't wait to get the first EP for The Sims 3; World Adventures.. I've been following the screenshots and videos on the official TS3 site, and reading preview articles here and there.. It looks and sounds really good, and I'm especially interested in the new building tools! (And the option of building puzzles and sharing them online..)
I have a gaming blog, which is mostly about The Sims 3 and other similar games.. (No FPS stuff for me, thank you very much..) I also have a profile on the official TS3 website. You can download me there I've shared a few houses as well. My personal favourites are the two (realistic) Irish cottages, which I tried to make as authentic as possible, with what the basic game has. I was hoping that Ireland would have been included on World Adventures, instead of France, but no such luck..

On aging..

D50: [has recently joined club 50..]
S38: [boasting..] Some of us are still in our 30's..
D50: [laughs..] Yeah.. Hold on to that thought! I'll remind you about it, later..
S38: Yeah, when you're 70 and I'm in my 50's.
D50: [drops shoulders and sighs..]

Phew - not haunted..

Your Home Is Not Haunted
There's nothing particularly creepy about your home. Anything you notice is probably quite normal.
You probably already knew that your home isn't haunted. In fact, you may not even believe in homes being haunted.
Your home is welcoming, warm, and comfortable. Even on the coldest and deadest of nights, you feel safe.
Your home is the perfect place to watch a terrifying horror movie. No matter how scared you get, you'll sleep soundly afterwards.

Yeah, I only feel like I'm being watched, when Thatsit sits next to me and stares at me..

Starting a new Stello Blog

My previous main blog seems to be gone for good (=archives from early 2004 to early 2009), thanks to the host.. So, I've been blogging mainly in my Finnish blog, this year. I'm probably going to start a new blog in the old address, eventually, but I don't want to do it just for the sake of it, and I haven't decided whether to continue with Nucleus software (which I've really liked) or try something else. I probably won't be using WordPress for it as I already have a few other WP blogs. I like that as well, but I don't want all my blogs to be the same.. Anyway, I wanted a place for test/quiz results and such, so I decided to activate my Blogger account for it. Here goes..