Monday, 30 April 2012

Not much time left..

As I've already mentioned on Facebook, it was not good news, about Oimo.. He has a tumour, and his kidneys have started failing, so there's nothing that can be done to make him better.. He got pain medication, but he has only days or weeks left.. I think it's probably days, rather than weeks.. This is really heartbreaking as I can't even begin to imagine my world without Oimo in it..

Oimo playing with the car

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Poor Oimo..

My baby (well, one of my babies) is very ill, and he's currently with the vet, having some tests done.. The vet gave three options for his symptoms, and only one of them is treatable.. If it's one of the other two options, their 14th birthday tomorrow will be a very sad one.. I don't want him to suffer any more than he is already suffering, if there's nothing that can be done to make him feel better..

I tried not to get too depressed until I know more (which should be around late afternoon / early evening, today), but I've cried my eyes out already, of course.. Thatsit is also worried - she's Oimo's sister, and they are from the same litter, so they've always been together..

First snaps with my new camera.. First snaps with my new camera..

Oimouttahere looks out Oimouttahere playing with the cable

Oimouttahere relaxing under the radiator Oimo gets some turkey

Oimo sleeping on my legs

Thursday, 26 April 2012

My first driving lesson!

I finally started driving lessons..
It's been seven months (!!!) since I got my learner permit, but I didn't want to start driving lessons just before the winter months, in case there was going to be yet another "ice age", which would then keep me from driving, and I'd have felt like starting all over again.. But now that I feel fairly sure that there's not going to be snow and ice (it's almost May, after all..), it was time to start the lessons!

I'd been in touch with a local driving school, but that was months ago, and they seem to have disappeared since - even the website is gone. So, I checked out some other driving schools online. Butler School of Motoring seemed to have a very good approach, and also lots of great customer feedback on their website and Facebook page, so I emailed them with some questions, and got a phone call on the following day - that was yesterday.

Today, John collected me from home, and we went to the other side of Bray for my first lesson as it was a good place for that - not much traffic (in the afternoon, anyway), and plenty of room as well, unlike here..

I have to say that I am very happy with my choice of driving school! I was quite nervous to be driving on 'real roads' (vs. the empty countryside parking areas where I'd done my previous 10-15 minutes of driving - that was ALL my driving experience, until today), where 'traffic might happen at any time' (LOL..), but John is a brilliant driving instructor, and I started getting the hang of it towards the end of the lesson. I didn't even panic when I drove downhill to a junction, where I had to stop before turning, and noticed that there was a garda car behind me. I reasoned that they could see I was having a driving lesson, so I'd be OK if I did something idiotic.. But I was OK! I drove all the way back on Herbert Road, almost to Main Street, but THAT would have been a bit too much today, so he drove me back home from there.

I didn't want to leave too much of a gap between the first lessons, because I don't want to start getting nervous again.. If I hadn't promised to help H with her school project, I'd have had my second lesson tomorrow, but it'll be on Monday now. I actually can't wait! I feel much more confident and much less nervous now..

The route on

Nuked quickie pizza - Stello's gourmet delights..

Nuked naan 'pizza'
I first used to make these with white bread (scroll down for a picture), but then I thought of naan bread, and decided to try if it would seem a bit more 'authentic' - and it did!

I used:
Tesco garlic & coriander naan bread
Heinz ketchup
creamy garlic salad dressing with herbs
2-4 slices of German salami, shredded
Tesco sugardrop tomatoes, sliced
mild white cheddar

Generally, I've been missing some herbs (like oregano or such), but in this version, the naan bread had coriander, and the salad dressing had herbs as well, so there was no need for any more herbs.

I pretty much went with whatever I had.. You could use other tomato sauce or puré, instead of ketchup, replace the salad dressing and/or cheddar with mozzarella or other cheese, use whatever else you might like, instead of salami and tomatoes.. For example, I've been thinking of trying a tuna version, and maybe a chicken version.. I'm also going to try something with tortilla base..

This would be even nicer if you grilled it, instead of nuking it, although then it would take a little bit longer..

Just something that's a lot quicker than making or ordering a real pizza, and beats any nuked or frozen pizza I've tried.. (Although, I have to admit that I kinda like those Finnish "rubber pizzas", which are meant for nuking.. They really are like rubber, but.. When I visit Finland, I usually have one or two.. LOL)

Nuked naan 'pizza' Nuked naan 'pizza'

Below, an earlier white bread version;

Nuked bread 'pizza'

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some more Blogthings..

You Have a Wild Imagination

You can think or dream anything. You have very vivid and colorful thoughts.
You have a refreshing and bold attitude. People can count on you to be honest.
You are peaceful and pretty zen like. You live in the moment.
You are a very together person. It's hard to phase you.

You Are a Crab

You can be an emotional and sensitive creature. Things get to you.
You are a bit withdrawn and shy, but you're also willing to come out of your shell sometimes.
You are quite flexible and easy going if your trust is earned. You like to observe quietly.
You move with the rhythm of life. You try not to fight anything.

You're Sweet Because You're Wise

In this crazy world, you are often the voice of reason. You don't panic.
You stand back, assess the situation, and figure out the best course of action.
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You know that being stressed out only makes things worse, so you try to keep your head about you.

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You think other people see you as kind, gentle, and cooperative. You try to be helpful.
You want to see yourself as ingenious and clever. You'd like to be a quicker thinker.
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You like taking life as it comes. You enjoy your future being a surprise.
You approach each day with no expectations, and you are willing to accept whatever happens.
You are amazed by every experience you have. You savor the ups and downs of life.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The last episode of The Savage Eye (S3)

The last episode of The Savage Eye had that "fun wake with Hector" sketch, which was the funniest extra experience ever.. LOL.. The episode is available on RTÉ Player, but it's visible only in Ireland (for a few weeks).




Edit: 25042012 - it's on youtube now;

Friday, 20 April 2012

Finland in 1m 26s (video)

Banned Oulu city commercial

I've personally never been to Oulu (a city in Finland), but this video could actually be about any Finnish city.. It's funny when it's just a youtube video, but when you live there and that's what you see every single day, it gets revolting..

Just one of many reasons why I left Finland, 15+ years ago, and why I'd never live in that country again.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A little bit of my 40th birthday online =P


This Pat Kenny sketch on yesterday's The Savage Eye, was shot on my 40th birthday =)



It's on youtube;

BlinderFilms channel has more sketches, and yesterday's episode is also on RTÉ Player (Ireland only).

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Action conductor, Santtu-Matias Rouvali

I saw a Finnish discussion on Facebook, where they described conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali in such way that I just had to go to youtube and see if I could find any video material - and I did (see above) =D

Isn't he fantastic?!? =D Like a mixture of Roberto Benigni (La vita è bella, Johnny Stecchino..) and some lively characters of the old silent movies!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Thundery morning in Bray (now with video)

Some thunder and lightning (see top left), this morning.. I'll add the video when I've put it together and uploaded to youtube..

Here's my thunder video. It's not exciting, so don't waste your time if you want fire and explosions.. =) Some lightning towards the end of the video - starting from around 3:20..

Here are two more exciting videos, though, shot in Bray, this morning - not by me, but by Aoife / Bray Dolphin Watch / East Coast Kayaks;

Twister Waterspout (thanks) approaching Bray Head! (credit)

Awesome lightning at Bray Seafront (credit)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Updating my Youtube playlists

I've had a Youtube account for a long time, and I've occasionally added stuff to playlists, but I've never really organised them much.. So, I thought I'd start updating them now, deleting videos that have since been removed, deleting playlists I no longer want, organising what's left, etc..

I'm probably not going to do it all in one go, and I'd never remember which ones I've already sorted, so.. Blogging the finished playlists as a reminder to myself =P (I will be editing this entry and adding more playlists, instead of blogging them all individually..)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tiny Tim - Earth Angel

I've blogged Tiny Tim videos before, but someone had since uploaded a better version of Earth Angel, so.. Enjoy!

I hadn't done a Blogthing in a while..

Your Vision is Personal
More than anything else, you'd like to understand yourself better and find your purpose.
It's minds like yours that have produced the most insightful novels and mind blowing movies.
You have always been deep and philosophical. You find it difficult to take anything lightly.
You feel most alive at the quietest moments. There's something thrilling about being alone with your thoughts.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

My favourite Facebook song, so far =D

The cat picture was my favourite part.. =P

At a birthday party, yesterday

H13 birthday party H13 birthday party
H became a teenager, a few days ago, and the party was yesterday. Not a big one this time, because people had Easter plans..

H13 birthday party
My godson explored his party vuvuzela and chocolate bunny..

H13 birthday party H13 birthday party

H13 birthday party - egg hunt
The girls had an Easter egg hunt in the front garden..

H13 birthday party - egg hunt H13 birthday party - egg hunt

Finally, some video moments.. =)