Friday, 31 August 2012

At the Japan Dolphins Day 2012 protest today

At the Japan Dolphins Day 2012 protest in Dublin
See my earlier entry about the protest..


There were about 20-25 of us today. The above picture is by Samantha Jane Summers, who has kindly given me permission to blog the photo as I'd no other "activist" pictures of myself =D (Original photo here) On the right, Aoife (Bray Dolphin Watch), who gave me a lift home after the protest =)

I haven't uploaded my own photos and videos yet as I noticed that activism makes you very tired, so I took a long nap when I got home! Video editing will take some time (especially on my "antique" laptop), but I'll definitely upload the lot during this weekend.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just because I absolutely LOVE udders...

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

Japan Dolphins Day 2012 at the Embassy of Japan in Dublin (Friday 31/8, 2pm)

If you've nothing better to do tomorrow (=Friday, 31st August 2012), there's a peaceful protest at 2pm, in front of the Embassy of Japan, Nutley Building, Merrion Centre, Nutley Lane, Dublin 4, about the 1st September start of the annual Taiji dolphin cull as seen in the Academy-award winning documentary The Cove.

You can take the DART to Sydney Parade, turn left just outside the station, turn left from the 'fork' crossroads, walk to the end of the road, at which point you will see a high red brick building just across the road - the embassy is in a similar red brick building, just left from the one in front of you.

To make it really easy, here's the short walk route on =)

(You can also take a bus - check for routes and timetables, they have a very good route planner on their website.. Or, if you're driving, there's apparently a Tesco parking lot adjacent to the same building, and St. Vincent's Hospital parking lot/s a bit further away..)

I have made two printable posters, in case anyone wants them:

Good Japan & Bad Japan
(These PDF links will only work until tomorrow)

These two posters are sort of meant to be used together, side by side, and if you want, you can add your own text, or maybe even draw a sad face on the bleeding flag, and a happy face on the normal flag!

Shadow Dancer trailer - again

I was just checking when and where to see it. I haven't been to cinema in the last 15-20 years, though, so we'll see if it ever happens..

Ethical food - does it exist?

I have so many thoughts on this topic, that I don't really know where to start, and I'll probably forget to include loads of them.. But let's go with something I saw on Facebook, recently - vegan bacon.

Yes, you read that correctly - vegan bacon.

I wanted to know what the feck is "vegan bacon", so I posted about it on Facebook. (It's a public post, so you can see it unless you've given me a reason to block you - in which case, you'll probably still be able to see it if you log out, but you won't be able to comment.) I was informed that vegan bacon is made of tofu, and that there are also other "meatlike" vegan foods, which are obviously not made of real meat.

This is something I just can't understand, though. If you're a vegan or vegetarian, why in the world would you want to eat something "meatlike"? I mean, what's the point?!? I'm sure that there are endless amounts of really nice vegan/vegetarian recipes, so WHY have something that's trying to be like meat, if the whole idea is not to eat meat?

Someone suggested semi-jokingly, that it could be a bridge to entice meat eaters to turn to veganism. If so, it'd never work. Whatever it is, you just can't lure anyone away from the real thing, by offering to replace it with a poor substitute. However, you CAN lure people away from the real thing, if you offer to replace it with something nicer and/or easier.

Anyway.. Another comment mentioned vegan cheese.

Yes - vegan cheese.

At this point, I got curious and googled.. For example, I found Daiya Foods Cheddar, which is a vegan cheese. I'll quote the ingredients;

Filtered water, tapioca flour, palm fruit oil, non-GMO expeller pressed canola and/or pressed safflower oil, pea protein, coconut oil, salt, inactive yeast, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, vegan natural flavours, gum arabic, lactic acid (vegan, for flavor), annatto, titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral), natural smoke flavour, vegan enzyme.

The first thing I noticed was palm fruit oil. Just the other day, I was reading on orangutans being the victims of oil palm plantations;

During the early 2000s, orangutan habitat has decreased rapidly due to logging and forest fires, as well as fragmentation by roads. A major factor in that period of time has been the conversion of vast areas of tropical forest to oil palm plantations in response to international demand. Palm oil is used for cooking, cosmetics, mechanics, and biodiesel.

Another quote, from Wikipedia, on the social and environmental impacts of oil palm cultivation;

Biodiversity loss (including the potential extinction of charismatic species) is one of the most serious negative effects of oil palm cultivation. Large areas of already threatened tropical rainforest are often cleared to make way for palm oil plantations, especially in Southeast Asia, where enforcement of forest protection laws is lacking. The impacts of oil palm plantations on the environment is dependent on multiple factors, including the existence and compliance to environmental legislation, the pre-establishment habitat and corporate responsibility.

So, which is more ethical? To use cow's / goat's / sheep's / whatever's milk to make real cheese, or to make vegan cheese and contribute towards orangutans becoming extinct?

I was also reading about tofu, which I have only ever tasted in Kokoro Sushi Bento miso soup - which is very nice, btw.

Tofu, also called bean curd, is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks.

This lead me to soybean;

Soybeans are one of the "biotech food" crops that have been genetically modified, and genetically modified soybeans are being used in an increasing number of products. In 1995, Monsanto Company introduced Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans that have been genetically modified to be resistant to Monsanto's herbicide Roundup through substitution of the Agrobacterium sp. (strain CP4) gene EPSP (5-enolpyruvyl shikimic acid-3-phosphate) synthase. The substituted version is not sensitive to glyphosate.

In 1997, about 8% of all soybeans cultivated for the commercial market in the United States were genetically modified. In 2010, the figure was 93%.

Read that last sentence again.. Genetically modified food is just something I'd very much like to avoid! It should be illegal.

As far as I know, vegetarian / vegan diets tend to include lots of soybean based stuff, but it doesn't necessarily seem that safe..

Should any vegan or vegetarian be reading this - I am not writing this entry to bash vegan or vegetarian diets, I am simply putting out some of my personal thoughts on this issue. I do eat meat, and I do feel guilty about it as I love animals and support animal rights, but I'm actually eating much less meat nowadays. I don't think I'll ever go fully vegetarian, because I am an animal as well, and I was created to have a mixed diet. I wouldn't ask my cats to go vegetarian, either, because they weren't created to live on vegetables. Of course, I could live on vegetables (and I love them), but I kind of want to eat just enough meat to tolerate it as well.

What I don't like, is some holier-than-thou vegan or vegetarian preaching at me because I eat meat. For example, after the recent ARAN march for animal rights, someone who was also there, sent a friend request on Facebook, which I accepted. Soon after that, I'd shared a funny hot dog picture on my wall, and they commented on it being disgusting because of the meat (btw, who knows, they could have been vegan hot dogs..). I was honest and said that I actually do eat meat. The response was enough for me to block that person. I do not need guilt-trippers on my friend list, and that's actually something I really like about ARAN - they work hard for animal rights, without casting stones.

It's ridiculous to assume that you can't be supporting animal rights, if you eat meat. Of course you can! I might as well say to anyone who's eaten vegan cheese, that they can't be supporting animal rights, since they're contributing towards orangutans becoming extinct. If you eat meat, it doesn't mean that you want the animals to live in horrible conditions. You want them to be happy!

Also wondering.. Many animals kill other animals for food. If we are also animals, why can't we kill other animals for food? It could be said that a quick slaughter is less painful than what goes on between other animals - for them, it can take a long fight to kill their food, with horrible injuries along the way, etc.. Animal babies can starve to death, if their mother gets killed and never comes back.. OK, we can survive on pretty much any type of food, so we can choose not to eat meat (unlike meat-eating animals), but we were also made to eat meat, so as long as we can farm and kill in a humane way, is it necessarily wrong? Is it not our animal right to eat the mixed diet we were meant to eat?

It seems that ethical food doesn't really exist..

Afternote; I was also wondering.. There are many people who are veg(etari)an for ethical reasons, but have meat-eating pets.. Farmed animals are also slaughtered for pet food.. How do those people deal with that ethical issue? I do hope that they still allow their pets to eat the food they need, rather than forcing them on some non-meat diet.. (Unfortunately, I've heard that some people actually DO force their cats/dogs/etc. on vegetarian diet.. That's just cruel.)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I want an IKEA flat pack advert miniature room!!!

I want one! =D

Like driving two hours in a car wash

My guesstimated route on

Last night, I realised that it had been a full MONTH since I'd been driving (where does the time go?!?), so I wanted to go for a spin, after midnight.

It was my first time driving at night, and it was also drizzling a bit when we left.. I remembered the different settings for windscreen wipers, but I'd never really done lights before, except in that pissing rain, on the mountains.. Sooo, good start - being a bit rusty after a month without any driving, first time driving at night, and learning the various light settings while driving.. LOL..

Enter the extreme weather conditions.. :o

As I got up the long hill to Roundwood road, it started pissing rain. And I mean, PISSING.. It was actually raining horizontally, and D described it well; it was like being in a car wash. It was exactly like that!

I drove through Roundwood, and then turned towards Ashford, but I'm not 100% sure if I've marked my route correctly between Roundwood and Newtownmountkennedy as I don't know those particular small roads that well, it was dark, and I was driving in car wash conditions, so I was mainly concentrating on driving safely, rather than making sure I'd remember the exact route, later..

I kinda loved it, though! =D

When I got to Newtownmountkennedy, I had to stop for a bit, just to have a little rest. It wasn't raining as much anymore, and by the time I got to N11 again, it was only drizzle. Who'd have thought that I'd find N11 relaxing.. (Well, it was at night, so there was no other traffic, really..)

I enjoyed driving at night, I have to say! I want to do it again, a.s.a.p., but I'd prefer a dry night, so I could actually relax and really enjoy it..

This is so painful, but IMPORTANT to look at..

No one came - Now I'm gone

Spay / neuter your pets, because there are already too many 'unwanted' kittens, puppies, etc.

Rescue / adopt - don't buy.. And if you promise to adopt a pet, do it. Always, always remember this dog, who was supposed to be adopted, apparently, but 'something else came up'..

If your pets do end up having a litter, and you're giving baby pets to new homes, follow up on them. It's easy, especially nowadays when almost everyone has at least a phone camera, there are many ways to share photos and updates online for free, and so on.. Ask to see some photos, every now and then, to make sure that those pets are loved and kept well.

Do everything you can, to prevent any animal ever feeling as sad and unwanted as this poor little dog in the picture.. We can't help him anymore, but we can help other animals.

Monday, 27 August 2012

How quickly they grow..

I visited my godson and his family, earlier on today. He's so big already! (2y3m and some) It was fun to see him use (adult size) knife and fork, smartphone, DVD player, etc., like a pro.. :o

Sunday, 26 August 2012

No tall ships, but some animal rights activism

My plan today was to go to Dublin early enough to take some pictures of the tall ships (on their way out), and then attend the ARAN march and rally against animal abuse.


Everything was going fine until we were almost in Dún Laoghaire.. Then the DART stopped between stations.. We were stuck there for about half an hour, which totally threw my plans - also, I'd only found out on the DART, that Tara Street station was closed until 2pm (due to the tall ships stuff, I guess). Well, not that Pearse Street was that far away..

The next surprise was the amount of PEOPLE in City Centre! OMG.. They'd actually closed some roads for the tall ships stuff, and although I'm pretty good at moving fast in sardine tin situations, it was almost impossible to get anywhere fast.. It was 1pm when I was at Pearse Street, and it took me 15 minutes to get to the Spire. Jebus..

I'd forgotten my sambos in the fridge (grrrr..), and I didn't have time for a pit stop anywhere, so by the time all the ARAN speeches were over and we got the march started, I was already really, really hungry, and when we got to O'Connell Bridge, nature called as well, so I really needed a pit stop somewhere. I was a bad activist, I bailed there and rushed to my favourite City Centre pub, had a Red Bull, rushed to the DART, forgetting it was Sunday and the Tara Street station shop wouldn't be open, so I had to live on tic tacs until I got home for Sunday dindins. Phew!

I took photos as well, but I probably won't get them uploaded today as some of them need cropping and stuff..

Friday, 24 August 2012

Gadget lust

Oh, how I want this roadtrip video recorder.. :O And it's not even that expensive! Night vision as well.. Ooh.. To quote a random LOLcat; I NEED DIS..

However, the Amazon price doesn't include memory card/s, and I haven't really explored what else it might not include, and then there'd be shipping costs, so.. I guess it would end up being kind of expensive, after all..

I can't really afford it. But it would be so much FUN!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Here's a zodiac I'd never heard of

I was reading on Native American zodiac signs / animal symbols. Apparently, I am a Snake.
Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22
Most shamans are born under this Native American animal symbol. The Snake is a natural in all matters of spirit. Easily attuned to the ethereal realm the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions. The Snake's preoccupation with matters intangible often lead others to view them as mysterious, and sometimes frightening. True, the Snake can be secretive, and a bit dark – he/she is also quite sensitive, and caring. In a supportive relationship the cool Snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, and helpful. Left to his/her own devices, the Snake can be despondent, violent, and prone to abnormal mood swings. Learn more about the Snake totem here.

That made sense.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Limerick's Live95FM 'entertains' people with cruel treatment of animals

The Castletown CRUEL Breakfast Show Donkey Derby
[This original video was removed by user, so, watch it below this..]

Struggling donkeys at 95 FM derby

Just watch the video.. The poor donkeys were struggling under those stupid cunts..

And this was "funny"?!?

If you feel like giving them some feedback;

Gary Connor
The Programme Director
Limerick's Live 95FM
Radio House
Dock Road

Tel: +353 61 46 19 00


They can see us, but I can never see them..

Earth Illuminated: ISS Time-lapse Photography

From high above the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS) provides a unique vantage point to view our home planet. Stunning time-lapse photography of cities, aurora, lightning and other sights are seen from orbit. Famed astronomer Galileo imagined these views from space and now through the technological marvel of the space station, we can see them for ourselves.

I've been trying to spot the ISS for several days now, but it's always either cloudy, or my view is blocked by the tall trees..

Friday, 17 August 2012

Miracle cure boy

I just happened to be taking pictures of Oimo, earlier on today, when I noticed that he was about to jump.. :O He hasn't been jumping at all, in several weeks, and was really close to death just a few weeks ago..

But today, he had no trouble jumping up or down, and he rushed to destroy D's car antenna, which has been one of his favourite pastimes.. I got some of it on video - apologies for the wind noise and my occasional babytalk.. =P

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

You do not have the right to upload someone else's photos without permission...

Katie Taylor homecoming event in Bray
I haven't even had a chance to blog the rest of my Katie Taylor pictures, when someone's already stolen this one on Facebook! =/

They did Share my earlier Katie photo from my album, so I am hoping that they didn't mean to actually pretend that this is their photo, but still.. I wasn't asked if it was OK to upload it elsewhere, and I wasn't even credited for having taken the picture. Not OK!

I would have left a comment or sent a message, asking them to remove it and Share it from my public album instead (if they so wanted it to appear on their wall), but there was no comment option or message option for those not on their friend list..

There is the option to report them to Facebook, but Facebook might cancel their account or block their access for a period of time - that seems a bit harsh, if they just weren't thinking, and might be willing to just remove the photo from their album.. But how to get that message to them???

Does anyone know this person?

Getting cloudy and windy in Bray..

Before I blog more Katie Taylor pictures, here's a video with some fresh clouds as seen from the kitchen door..

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Katie Taylor homecoming video - the crowds on Bray Seafront..

I tried to get some of the amazing atmosphere on video, yesterday.. Occasionally, it gets very shaky as my camera isn't the lightest, and I had to hold it up for a long time, which gave me the shakes and cramps, lol.. But if you weren't there, hopefully this will give some sort of an idea - and if you were, maybe this will help you think back to how brilliant it was =)

In case anyone's wondering why the video doesn't include Katie Taylor's interview part - well, I chose to take photos of it instead as I'm sure you can find much better quality videos of her interview, anyway..

It was a great day, a great event, and we even got the perfect weather, which hadn't looked promising in the morning!

I meant to go and see the fireworks later, but I didn't have the energy (especially as I was still going meteor shower hunting, later that night)..

Other than the picture in my previous entry, I haven't uploaded any of my photos yet, from yesterday. I'll try to get them uploaded and blogged by tomorrow.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Katie Taylor's homecoming

Des Cahill, Katie Taylor, Peter Taylor - Bray Seafront bandstand
There must have been more people on the seafront than during the air show.. But it was fantastic! I didn't get pics of Katie posing with the flag as I'd already run out of memory by then, having shot some videos and all.. I haven't even watched them yet - not sure if they're any good as I had to keep my camera up, and it's a bit heavy, there were LOADS of people, etc.. So, could be shaky stuff..

I'm going to upload more photos, later tonight. Not sure if I have the energy to go see the fireworks.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Beautiful music

Mirel Wagner - No Death

There are more videos on youtube (follow the link above, and see the side column), and this is her own website. Hypnotic.. Apparently, she's Finnish, but I had never heard of her until yesterday!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hysterical Olympic sailing commentary

Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary

Charity skydive? Funds for fun?

I came across a charity skydive ad, which I'm not linking to, because I don't want anyone to take this as personal bitching or such (after all, I don't even know the people involved). Anyway, they are going to skydive for a selected charity, and they are organising a fundraiser event, so that people can make donations towards the €500 they each have to raise. Donations can be made online as well.

Well, I found myself wondering how on earth does a "charity skydive" work. I mean, my first reaction was that I'm asked to give money towards someone's fun day out - paying for their skydive. But that can't be it, surely? Where's the charity in that? They'd mentioned their selected charity, so surely they would have to get the donations, but what's the story with the skydive then? Why is that necessary - or is it? And are they getting the skydive part for free, since nothing was said about any donations being used towards it?

I googled.

I don't know if they are using this particular deal, but Skydive Ireland seem to have a Charity Skydive deal;
Option 1: Fundraise Minimum Target of €500
Reach this minimum fundraising target and you get to participate in either a Tandem Freefall Skydive (10,000ft) or Solo Static Line Parachute Jump (3,500ft). The cost of your Skydive (€250) is deducted and the other €250 plus all additional funds is forwarded to your nominated Charity.

Option 2: Fundraise Minimum Target of €600
Reach this minimum fundraising target and you get Option 1 plus you get the DVD & Photos. The cost of your Skydive Package (€350) is deducted and the other €250 plus all additional funds is forwarded to your nominated Charity.

You can also donate ALL of the funds raised to your nominated charity and pay for the skydive yourself directly.

I don't know.. Obviously, it's great for charities to get attention and support, but if I was to make a donation, I'd want it all to go to the charity that was mentioned, rather than 50% going to fund the collector's fun day out, skydiving. (Of course, there's that chance that they ARE paying for the skydive separately, donating ALL the funds raised to their charity, but it would be good to mention that important detail in all the ads and on donation pages, because it does make a difference.)

The picture is just a random skydive photo found on Pinterest - it has nothing to do with this issue.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

On Mars today...

This is the first image ever taken of Earth from the surface of a planet beyond the Moon. It was taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit one hour before sunrise on the 63rd Martian day, or sol, of its mission. (March 8, 2004)

See me waving?

Missing the arch in (modern residential) architecture

This is something I've been thinking about for years, but haven't bothered blogging about it before.. Well, today I was just after pinning a boxy modern residential house, when I decided to make a whole new board for Expensive boxes.

For some reason, it just seems that most modern residential architecture is very boxy. I realise that sometimes it's a case of having to maximise a small space or minimise the building cost, but often people have had the money and space, yet they've ended up paying loads of money for someone to come up with yet another box, or a combo of stacked boxes..

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

Boxy doesn't necessarily mean that the house is ugly. Depending on the setting and the materials used, it can look very nice - although, I would personally never really want to live in a box, if I had a choice..

Often it IS rather ugly, though.. Especially if they have just "made a statement" by placing a fugly box in the middle of beautiful nature, or in between beautiful old buildings.. Face it - the box will be an eyesore..

See more Expensive boxes on Pinterest..

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

For those who want to become Irish..

This is probably what happens if you use too much of Instant Irish Accent Mouth Spray.. =P

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bilberry vs. Blueberry - learning on Facebook..

I've always thought that I love blueberries, but it turns out that I've always found them tasteless.

Back to yesterday, when I was browsing Pilgrimage in Medieval Ireland page on Facebook.. (Yes, slightly different topic..) I saw this photo, and thought to myself, wow, that looks like Finnish blueberries.. (Them being different from, for example, Irish blueberries, which grow in low bushes, are rather tasteless, and don't dye everything dark purple..) Then, I noticed "Billberry Sunday", in the caption.


I googled, guessing correctly that it's actually spelled bilberry..

So, yes, I discovered that what I have always thought of as (Finnish) blueberries, are not actually blueberries at all! They are bilberries! =D

I love bilberries!

The reason for this confusion is that it's a common translation mistake. We were taught at school, that the Finnish word mustikka, is blueberry in English. Well, it isn't. It's bilberry in English.

All my life, I've heard those particular berries referred to as blueberries, which is wrong. There was even a recent travel article in The New York Times blog, about picking blueberries in Finland. Well, they were not picking blueberries - they were picking bilberries. (Not saying it was sloppy journalism as the translation mistake is totally mainstream..)

I tried a Finnish online dictionary, and got three translations for the Finnish word, mustikka;

1. blueberry
2. bilberry
3. huckleberry

After #2 (bilberry), they'd added: "bushy / bushlike" (in Finnish, though). Actually, that is wrong as well. It's blueberry that grows in bushes - at least if you compare it to bilberry, which grows so low that only a Barbie doll would think of it as a bush.. Also, bilberry should have been #1, then blueberry. I've never heard the word huckleberry used anywhere in Europe, unless it was referring to something American, so I've just always ignored it, thinking it might refer to a berry that only grows in America - I had no idea that it was also referring to bilberries or blueberries.. (IF it is..)

Some of my Finnish friends (and their friends) have been discussing this on Facebook, today, and have found even more interesting bilberry vs. blueberry related articles, etc. I will list some here;

Bilberry vs. Blueberry
This one's very interesting, has photos of the plants and berries (incl. flesh/pulp), and even a HPLC fingerprint for both berries;
Finally bilberries and blueberries have a different phytochemical profile and anthocyanins content of bilberry fresh fruits is almost 4 times higher in bilberries  than in blueberries.

Wikipedia: Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry)
..mentions that it's called bilberry, whortleberry or European blueberry, or "more precisely called Common Bilberry or Blue Whortleberry, to distinguish it from other Vaccinium relatives", not forgetting regional names such as blaeberry, hurtleberry, huckleberry, winberry and fraughan...

I rather like "winberry" - it's very Charlie Sheen..

On that same Wikipedia page, see also;
Confusion between bilberries and American blueberries

Vaccinium uliginosum (Bog Bilberry or Northern Bilberry)
Finnish: juolukka

Empetrum nigrum is a species of crowberry known as black crowberry
Finnish: variksenmarja

I might add more links to this, if I see any interesting ones..

Saturday, 4 August 2012

A speech worth watching - and a thought..

Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate

I found this video via Facebook, and just thought I'd watch some of it, but it was good and I had to watch it all. Everyone should!

And yes, I mEat, but I do feel guilty about it and I eat much less meat than I used to. I don't know if I'll ever go fully vegetarian, but it might help if I was to get a pet cow, a pig, and a sheep.. Shopping for food would become personal..

To quote the speech;

If slaughter houses had glass walls, we wouldn't be having this debate.

I think that's true, and following that line of thought on a slightly different matter, I think it should be mandatory for animal tested products to carry animal testing photos on the packaging (like cigarette boxes now have to carry health warnings). It would make a difference as most people would NOT want to buy and use such products, having to face such horrible torture photos. It's so easy to forget or ignore, if there's no uncomfortable reminders about animal testing..

My new friend

This kitten just appeared out of the blue, the other night, when I was taking full moon photos in the front garden.. The poor thing seemed lost and hungry, so I gave her (assuming she's female) food, she made a little round trip to the house, and eventually let me pet her and pick her up for a little while..

She was back in the morning, looking for breakfast, which she's eating on this video.. (I got some photos as well, but I haven't put them on flickr yet..)

I'd love to know if she actually has a home, or has she been target-dumped here, or what's the story.. She's young and gorgeous, and not feral (as it was so easy to get touchy feely), so if she DOESN'T have a home yet/anymore, it could be possible to find her one. Unfortunately, I can't adopt her, but I will of course look after her and give her food, if she's around..

Not so good news about Oimouttahere.. It seems that he's living his last days.. He got steroids, last night, and hopefully that will give him a little boost for a few days, but then it's time to... I don't really want to think about it! =(

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

There was this perverted male ladybird...

So, a friend was sexually assaulted by an insect, when a ladybird went all bukkake on her head.. And we were just wondering, what would be a suitable word for a male ladybird? (I mean, really, the majority of male ladybirds would hardly want to be called ladybirds, eh?!?)

Lordbird? Sirbird? Guybird? Manbird? Gentlemanbird? (Although, as the victim pointed out, that particular ladybird was no gentleman..) Pervbird? Molesterbird? Flybywankbird? Trampbird? And, had the assault happened on a man, Gaybird?


Cute elephant video

Elephant Love

The end just melted my heart - and made me giggle =D

(via Ban the Bullhook)