Saturday, 20 February 2010


New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn
Tonight.. New Moon...

Friday, 19 February 2010

So close, yet €2 away...

D50 kindly promised that I could utilise his book vouchers (one's for €10, the other one's for €30) to get my vampire fix, i.e., to buy the remaining three books of the Twilight series..

So, I went to the book shop today and found them all - woohoo! However, I ended up not buying any of them :O The second and third book were €8.99 each, and the fourth one was €13.99. When you use the vouchers, you get no money back if the voucher is worth more than whatever it is you're buying. (Of course, if you're buying something more expensive, you can use the voucher and cash.) So, I just couldn't bring myself to use a €10 voucher to buy a €8.99 book. My other (and much more tempting) option was to buy all three, by using the €30 voucher, but I'd have needed €1.97, and I just didn't have that much cash! Waaah! Waaah! No vampire fix for me! Waaah!

Anyway, I need to go out again today as I need to collect a parcel (we didn't hear the doorbell, earlier on..), so now that I'm after getting a €2 donation, I can go and buy the books as well. OMG, I can see myself reading, this weekend.. LOL

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Oooh, vampire boy.. LOL

Freebie Twilight (thanks to
I spent 1500 piggy points (on on a free copy of Twilight, the book. I was aware of these books and movies, but I probably wouldn't have touched them, had my mam not hyped the books. I mean, my mam - reading vampire books :O If it's not my genre, it's totally not her genre, and I keep forgetting to ask her how on earth did she even come to read Twilight, in the first place..

However, she did, and she loved it, so much that she had to buy the other books as well.. And THAT made me curious about these books! LOL.. When I had a chance to get a free Twilight, I grabbed it, and I'm glad I did..

I'm 38, drooling after a 17yo vampire boy. Cougar, eh?!? :o Well, I like to remind myself that he WAS actually born in 1901, so in that way, he was older than my grandparents, and I'm no cougar, after all =P

I decided to Google "Edward Cullen" (=the name of that vampire boy), before writing this entry, and I had to laugh when the top Google suggestion was "edward cullen vibrator".. I mean, really.. WTF?!? Well, check it out.. :o (No, I don't want one!!!)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Blog laziness & Born of Hope

I haven't been very active with this blog, but I'm trying to post some more stuff soonish, as soon as I upload some recent photos, etc.. So, for now, I'm just going to post some pretty impressive fan stuff, which I found on Daily Mail website; Born of Hope.

"Born of Hope is an independent feature film inspired by the Lord of the Rings" (trailer above, and on youtube..)

Full movie, above - however, I really must recommend watching it ON youtube as you probably won't enjoy it in this tiny size!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Pinky! (Camera horror..)

We were out, earlier on, and I was going to take a picture (as I do..), only to find that my Pinky is acting strange.. (Pinky = pink Olympus FE-340) When I switched it on, it'd make a funny sound, and the zoom was going mental (out, in, out, in..). Whenever I managed to get it on some setting where the zoom would calm down, I couldn't focus on anything at all.

I googled about the problem, and found some DIY suggestions that might help, so I'm going to try those and hope for the best - the battery is being charged, at the moment.. It's not possible that there's sand or grit in the mechanism, though (as suggested on the linked page), because I'm really anal with my camera. Really anal.

I'm going to be devastated if Pinky won't work anymore as I pretty much live through it. There's always my good old Lenore (Nikon CP5700), but it's big and bulky, and its battery lasts about five minutes.. My phone cam (on Nokia 6233) is so poor that it's not really an option..

Added later: Woohoo!! I charged the Pinky battery, and Pinky is now working normally again! =D Massive relief! I'm hoping that she's back to normal for good..

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More Google cuteness

I love Google special logos, and this one was especially cute =)