Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lots of donations have gone through already

I have updated both Muzakir collection pages (in English & suomeksi), adding the above Notepad screenshot. It's the list of donations Mala had received by yesterday. After those, at least two donations have been made (USD 470 and EUR 100), but those haven't gone through yet. I have blurred the names as some people wish to remain anonymous.

I am so happy to see that many donations, but they still need much more.. I am trying to find out a more exact amount of how much more is still needed until the whole operation fee is collected, but it's weekend now, and I don't know if Mauritian banks are closed for Christmas or not (with the majority of Mauritians being something other than Christians), so I'm not sure when Mala can go to the bank again.

Be a part of this Christmas Miracle, make a donation, share the link/s.. Thank you.

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