Friday, 28 December 2012

Two quick snaps from yesterday - my godson =)

I have a virtual mountain of recent photos to sort and upload, but I can't wait to brag about my gorgeous godson.. =D I was at their place, yesterday, and he was really into posing, as you can see above.. (He also wanted to see every picture as soon as I'd taken it, and then he'd rush back to do some more posing.. So cute!)

He's not only into posing for pictures, he also enjoys taking them;

I got some of his dance moves on video, but I had to shoot it vertically, and the only site that allows effortless video rotation, is Facebook, so here it is.. (I might manually rotate it, at some point, and then upload to Youtube or Vimeo as well..)

I'll try to share more pictures during the weekend..

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