Friday, 7 December 2012

Less than a week left, to help little Muzakir

Muzakir's operation is booked for 18th December. His family needs to pay for it on 12th December - that's next Wednesday.

PayPal Mauritius has been totally useless, wasting weeks of our time - we were hoping to set up a donation link, but it's been impossible, thanks to PayPal Mauritius.. (I have explained this further on the page behind that link - here it is again.)

As Mala (Muzakir's mother) is getting desperate by now, we decided to make her bank account info public, as well as her name and address. We are still waiting to get the necessary IBAN code, which she can't get until tomorrow. Once we have that, I will update the Muzakir page again, and I am really, really hoping that people would start sharing that link as widely as possible and asking everyone to make at least a small donation.. Small streams make a river, so maybe we can create a Christmas miracle for little Muzakir.. He really needs it!

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