Sunday, 6 November 2016

I finally made it to Kilruddery Farm Market

I've meant to go and check out Kilruddery Farm Market for years, and finally did it, yesterday.

I was sort of expecting more crafts (based on what I'd heard about the place), but there was still a nice selection, and it was all good - nothing cheap and tacky.

Mmmm.. Should have had more cash..

I loved the horse mural =D

I hadn't had any breakfast, so this Galway Sausage (hot dog) was extra gorgeous.. (For some reason, the photo didn't show up on my phone at all, and I was so disappointed.. But I did find it, after transferring the pics to laptop!)

There were not that many cakes left, at the time, but we got a slice of Key lime pie, and a slice of blueberry cheese cake - note, the slices were originally twice the size of the ones in these pictures as I only took the photos after slicing both to share them.

Mmmmm, gorgeous...

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