Thursday, 17 November 2016

I got a parcel - again =)

Parcel πŸ’ž #moomins

Moomin mugs.. ♥

Parcel πŸ’ž

Grey top, socks, and a book..

Parcel πŸ’ž

Rye bread and chocolate..

Parcel πŸ’ž

Advent calendar, Christmas magazine, and a poster (rolled)..

Parcel πŸ’ž #Taika

More Taika dishes.. ♥

Parcel πŸ’ž

Oven mitts, towels, pouch, and a candle glass..

I'm not really into putting up any Christmas decorations in November, but it's a cat picture... 😁

It's only mid-November, and I'm not usually into putting up Christmas decorations this early, but the poster is a cat picture, so.. =D

Finnish rye bread with tuna, mayo and scallions πŸ˜ƒ

Finnish rye bread with tuna, mayo, and scallions..

Cheapo Irish #coffee > instant coffee and #whiskey πŸ˜€ #moomins

I meant to go shopping today, but didn't have the energy.. I'm really low on milk, so instead of tea, I decided to have a cheapo Irish coffee - instant coffee & whiskey =D (In one of the new Moomin mugs..)

The first signs of Christmas...... 😱

I have some tealights on, and I'll be browsing the Christmas magazine, after tonight's MasterChef Australia..

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