Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Our Christmas cards in the attic
I've been so busy wrapping pressies, Christmas shopping, cleaning, etc., that I haven't had the time to blog much..
Today, I've spent most of the day cleaning the kitchen, and I'm going to continue on that now. Looks like hoovering will have to wait until tomorrow! Oh, and there are still pressies to be wrapped!
Btw, our Christmas parcel was posted in time, but hasn't made it to its destination yet! I'm really hoping that it'll be there tomorrow, because it will ruin my Christmas, if my parents won't get their pressies in time. The receipt would have had the tracking code, but D50 managed to lose it, so now I've no idea where the parcel is, at the moment, and if it happens to get lost, I can't even ask the post to try and track it as I've no receipt. Fucking nice.

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