Monday, 25 April 2011

My trip to Finland - the first week in pics

Tuesday 19th April

Dublin T2 is impressive
Dublin T2 (Impressive, and very well planned!)

Full Irish breakfast, lol..
I was hungry, so..

In Helsinki
In Lauttasaari, Helsinki..

In Helsinki

Wednesday 20th April

In my old room (in Helsinki)
In my old room, getting ready to travel again..

On the way to Imatra
Taking a train to Imatra..

On the way to Imatra
OMG, SNOW! ...

The Dishwasher (=me) has arrived!! =D
The dishwasher (=me) has arrived! =D

Thursday 21st April

Lunch break at Matinkatu
Having a lunch break at my dad's place, where I'd started sorting and packing stuff..

Old Chinese vase Three boxes of books
The Chinese vase, and most of the books packed..

We bought some food...
We bought some food..

Little chefs were making a salad..
The little chefs made a salad =D

Good Friday, 22nd April

In Imatra.. (The house where I'm clearing a flat..)
The house where my dad lived, and where I'm sorting stuff..

Sheet music
Sheet music..

Sorting vinyls..
Sorting my dad's vinyls.. Mainly classical & jazz..

From my laptop spot (in Imatra)
Facebooking at my friend's place, where I'm staying in Imatra..

Saturday 23rd April

Stereoscope Old camera
Some more sorting & packing at my dad's place, before my parents (as in, mam & stepdad) arrived from Helsinki, to collect me and some stuff..

We went to Virkkukoukkunen (in Imatra), which is one of my favourite shops. I couldn't afford to buy anything, though, but it was nice to browse..

Lunch at ABC Karjalanportti
We ate at ABC Karjalanportti (=one of those petrol station / restaurant / shop places..), and their mushroom soup was divine! So were the bread rolls, mmmm..

In Lauttasaari (Helsinki)
And back in Helsinki..

Easter Sunday, 24th April

Breakfast, part 1..
I seem to have taken mainly food pics today..

Duck leg with rice and sweet potato & carrot dish
Duck leg, rice, and sweet potato & carrot dish..

Behind the laptop today..
Putting more vinyls online..

And eating again..

Easter Monday, 25th April

Onion tart..
Onion tart.. My mam always makes a million different types of food on the same day, so when you have a little bit of each, you're painfully stuffed.

My late grandfater's stamp collection (or most of it)
I was sorting my late grandfather's stamp collection..

More stamps
Mam gave me some more stamps to sell..

Nuked Baltic herring (fished from Lauttasaari bridge)
My stepdad went fishing, and then he nuked loads of Baltic herring.. It was really nice!

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