Friday, 30 December 2011

Watching telly again

I went several months of not really watching telly at all. (I did watch RTE Shortland Street on youtube, but I had to quit that as well - I might continue someday..) Then, and I don't even remember why, I started watching telly again, and got more or less stuck on Comedy Central / Nickelodeon (=the same channel.. my remote isn't working anymore, and I'm lazy..)

Now, my morning / daytime telly includes SpongeBob SquarePants, iCarly, etc. (I love, love, love Gibby, btw!!).. Afternoon telly tends to be a Friends marathon.. Evening and late night are usually filled with stand-up comedy (I've seen certain Michael McIntyre shows loads of times by now as they keep repeating stuff..), and then it'll be Two and a Half Men (old and new episodes) / Mike & Molly / South Park, and finally, Everybody Loves Raymond, until the channel changes to Nickelodeon again at 5am, always mid-episode, grrr..

If there's something interesting on other channels, I'll make the effort of lifting my bum just enough to reach the buttons on the telly - no, I'm not reaching those buttons with my bum, in case anyone just got that mental image.. (Really annoyed about that remote, btw.. I got new batteries for it, and it's set on "TV", so I really don't know why it's not working anymore..) I don't even have digital channels here in the attic, so there are only so many channels, but obviously all the interesting stuff is always on at the same time, and I can only pick one to watch..

Here's some stuff I've watched lately;

The Boat that Rocked (Very funny).. Bruno (I loved Borat, and whatever short bits I'd seen of the Bruno character, I'd found pretty funny, so I was expecting to like this film, but it was shyte and I actually gave up on it - something I do very rarely! Totally disappointing..) Secret Santa (I didn't expect much, but it was actually a nice Christmas movie).. Adaptation (Fascinating.. Especially as I'd recently seen Being John Malkovich again - I wonder if this film would have made any sense at all, if I hadn't seen BJM first..?) Republic of Telly (Still funny).. Hardy Bucks (Hysterical! I only found this recently, and I was instantly hooked.. LOL..) Gone (Strange thriller..) Surviving Christmas (I'd seen it before, but couldn't remember any of it.. It was kinda lame, but had its moments..) The Young Victoria (Kind of interesting as I didn't really know that much about her..) Tamara Drewe (Quite funny!) The Savage Eye Christmas Special (Of course.. Loving it..) Catherine Tate: Nan's Christmas Carol (Hilarious - CT is brilliant, especially as Nan..) National Treasure: Book of Secrets (I knew this was going to be crap as I'd seen the first one, but I was feeling masochistic and curious.. LOL.. It was even worse and more ridiculous than what I'd expected..) Absolutely Fabulous (They must all have a portrait in the attic.. It was great to see new material!) Notting Hill (I like a romcom, every now and then, but this one could kill a diabetic.. However, I love the bit with Rhys Ifans posing for the paparazzi in his undies! Awesome..) Enigma (This was a bit different from what I'd expected, but it was OK..) The Trouble with Harry (Always funny..) The Proposal (Very funny, and I have a girl crush on Sandra Bullock..) The Bourne Supremacy (I've seen the first Bourne film, and I've sort of always wanted to see them all in one go, but I've kept missing them, or I haven't remembered the order of the sequels, etc.. I think that this was the second one, so I started watching it, although I'd totally forgotten what happened in the first one, but I ended up nodding off..) Vertigo (I was watching while facebooking, but I've seen this a few times before.. Classic..) Great Expectations (The three-part mini series on BBC One.. I really liked this one! It was dark and beautiful, with perfect cast..) The Sixth Sense (I only watched some of this, but I've seen it a few times before..) Sunshine (Unfortunately, I seem to be always really tired when I see this movie, so I keep missing bits of it.. Someday, I want to see it all.. And I love Cillian Murphy in any part!) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Just the end of it, this time.. Still funny..) Confessions of a Shopaholic (Hilarious.. I hadn't seen it before! Loved the Finnish bits, heh..) I Love You, Man (Funnier than I would have expected..) The Kite Runner (The book was awesome, and so was the movie.. Got puffy eyes from all that crying, though..)

I've actually just noticed that there'd be a proper Dickens marathon on BBC Two, this morning, but I'll be going to bed now, and there's no way I'll be able to get up early enough to watch David Copperfield, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, and A Tale of Two Cities.. Shame.. But I'll try and watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, later on.. Or, maybe I'll watch High Fidelity again.. Hmmm..

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