Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Driving practice

Monday route on

I hadn't done any driving in a week, having been busy with other stuff for the first part of the week, and the rest of it was so rainy that I didn't feel like going anywhere at all. So, it was time to take Esmeralda somewhere, on Monday.

I needed to practice the dreaded town traffic stuff, so I just drove to Woodies car park, and actually found the loading area in the back to be perfect for that kinda practice. And it did help.

After doing enough back and forth stuff, I would have felt like going somewhere out of town (Roundwood or such), but D didn't have time for that. As he needed to visit a place on Vevay Road that's very awkward for parking, he drove us there, and home after that.

Tuesday route (part 1) on

Yesterday, I wanted to do some Fun Driving (=out of Bray). D needed to drop a computer somewhere, so I went to N11 and took the first exit after Glen of the Downs, then getting briefly back to N11 on the other side, only to turn ~180° here;

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(Not sure if the above Street View works or not.. It's supposed to show the dodgy turn, and I've re-copied the code several times now, from Google Street View, and it works fine on their tool, yet doesn't seem to work here in my blog - I don't have any problems with the next Street View widget - scroll down.. - so I can't figure out why this one gets fucked up in the blog!)

As I didn't remember exactly where the house was where we were going, and their drive is very narrow as well, I stopped in front of a nearby pub, and D drove us from there to the house.

Tuesday route (part 2) on

I continued driving from there, heading to Roundwood. I had a tractor moment, which went well =) We decided to go to Victoria's Way (the Indian sculpture park), but I hadn't had any breakfast, so I went to Roundwood first, to get something from Centra. I was a bit worried about the tight turn from Main Street to the car park behind Centra, but it went fine. D drove us to Victoria's Way, though, as I was destroying my breakfast sambo.

Shiva.. (I'll upload more photos later..)

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Victor was mowing the huge lawn, so we didn't get a chance to ask him about the new white stupa (?) on the island.. Maybe next time.

Tuesday route (part 3) on

I drove us back home, and had my first garda check point on Upper Dargle Road =D I don't have the motor tax yoke yet, because I'm still waiting for the log book after buying Esmeralda, but he didn't even ask to see any paperwork or anything, he just told me to sort it =)

I wasn't actually stressed about N11 at all, yesterday. In fact, heading out of Bray, I was almost relieved to get to N11 :o

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