Saturday, 13 October 2012

Any excuse to post Monty the motorist picture..

I was in Ashford again, yesterday morning (same route). I left a bit later, this time, just after five, so there was some more traffic heading that way as well, but not much. And it was a clear morning, which was nice. I didn't bring tea, this time, considering what happened with it the morning before - LOL.. So, energy drinks instead. And the charged phone.

I burned a bit of rubber on Dargle Bridge, coming back.. Just stopped in the lights, behind a bus, and some other traffic behind me, and Esmeralda stalled. Tiny panic moment there, but it was OK =) (N11 was busier than the morning before, too, but it was grand..)

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot to mention - there was a cute fluffy fox at Cullenmore bends =D I love that road, anyway, especially in the dark and driving alone.. There's a bit of a horror movie atmosphere, which is great.. And then I saw the fox.. Awww..

I went out, later, got my phone back, etc. Good times.

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