Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How many cars ARE there?!?

My (or rather, Esmeralda's) NCT expired, and I booked a test online. There was ONE February date available, which unfortunately didn't suit me, and the next soonest date was in early APRIL!!!

So, I'm just wondering.. There are several NCT centres around the country, and I don't know if they're ALL operating the same hours, but at least the one closest to me, is even open on Sundays, and from early morning to at least early evening in general.. Yet, you'll have to wait for over two months for your booking?!?

OK, I know that your car might fail the test, so re-tests could be required, but still.. 12 months, many NCT centres, long opening hours (incl. weekends).. Are there even that many cars?!? =D

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