Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cheap and natural face scrub

I'm the kind of person who will apply some cheapo moisturiser on my face, when it gets dry enough so I can actually feel it.. I have zero interest in various creams and liquids many women seem to regularly apply on their faces, and if I ever end up browsing a women's magazine (like, in a waiting room or such), it usually makes me feel like I'm a man.

The other day, my skin was threatening to call the gardaí on me, though, so I vaguely remembered pinning some DIY exfoliator.. I found it on Pinterest (above), and only needed to buy brown sugar as I had honey and olive oil already. €1.46 (for the sugar) totally suits my budget, too! The stuff is meant for lips, but it works just as well on your whole face, or whichever part of your body you'd like to use it on.

I mixed maybe one table spoon of each ingredient, in a small cup, and actually found it hard / impossible to properly mix them together, but it didn't seem to matter, really.

I first tried some on my left cheek, but found it so messy, that I decided to use the rest of it just before taking a shower and washing my hair..

That amount was enough for my face, neck, and as there was still some left, I used the rest on my elbows, which get dry sometimes.

I am amazed! It totally works, and I've kept touching my face today as my skin is sooo smooth! =D I can really tell the difference on the sides of my nose, which can get dry and flaky even several times in one day, whether I moisturise or not.. No sign of that today. (Must remember this trick - as messy as it is, I could even just do the nose sometimes..)

I'm not planning to change my bad habits, but I like this stuff as it's cheap and natural, easy to make, and it works.

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