Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunday dindins at The Beehive

Turkey & ham at The Beehive (there wasn't much ham, though!)
I like The Beehive as there's lots of space around it, and although the N11 runs right beside it, it's somehow even nice to look at the traffic going by. Also, even when the place is packed, people just eat and move on - so usually you don't have to wait for ages to find a table.

I'd been awake from the early morning, on Sunday (having gone to the NCT place to show the new bulb and get that thing sorted), so I was really tired and not really ready for a heavy meal.. So, I didn't want to have any of the mega meaty options. Sunday dinner at home is usually chicken, so I thought I'd have something else.. The cajun salmon looked gorgeous, and I would really have fancied salmon, but I'm not loving the combo of cajun and salmon - I love the taste of salmon itself, and whenever I cook some for myself, I don't add anything to it, not even salt. So, I ended up having turkey and ham, which was a bit disappointing as the turkey was a bit bland, and at first, I thought there was no ham at all, but then I found two TINY strips, underneath the stuffing. And I do mean tiny - just enough ham for one mouthful, which includes spuds & veg.. However, there was enough food to make me stuffed (and I even had to leave some mash), and I didn't have to pay for it, so it's all good =P Coffee was gorgeous, though.

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