Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Done with April

My ShutterCal - April 2013
April 2013, in my ShutterCal.

April briefly;
I started the month in Helsinki.. Spent another day at Frankfurt Airport.. Came home.. Went to H's 14th birthday party.. Bought a new battery for Esmeralda.. Esmeralda's NCT.. I got a dental night guard.. Read a fantastic Finnish book.. Took some product pics.. Joined another casting database.. Maaria came for a visit.. I bought a second hand futon.. I changed a side indicator bulb for Esmeralda & got her through that NCT.. I bought storage boxes to get Esmeralda organised.. Made my first solo late night shopping trip to Cornelscourt.. Bought a second hand coffee table.. Took my first mountain spin on my own.. Spoiled the cats on their 15th birthday.. Started cleaning & reorganising the attic..

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