Monday, 27 May 2013

My Batman, My Biggins..

Oimo & Mama - Vulcan Mind Meld, June 2010
It's been over a year now, since Oimo got his first "death sentence" (30th April 2012 entry about it), when it was discovered that he had a tumour in the abdomen, and it seemed that his kidneys were failing..

Some time after that, everyone really thought that it was going to be over for Oimo, but then he was given some steroids, mainly to just give us maybe a few more days together, to say goodbye.. and miraculously, he started to get better! (It did even surprise the vet!)

This time, I'm afraid there's not going to be another miracle.. (Note to God; Feel free to prove me wrong, though - I'd be happy to preach it from the rooftops..)

The tumour has been growing, and although it must have caused him some discomfort in general, he has still been able to enjoy life, jump on cars and tables to enjoy sunny spots, love his food, treats, and cuddles.. Do a happy trot across the lawn, after a successful "#2"...

But there was a sudden change, on Friday evening..

I just knew that this was going to be Oimo's last weekend, and I wasn't even sure if he was going to make it through the weekend.. But he did, and sometime today, there will be a vet visit, and Oimo will finally get to rest forever, free from all pain and discomfort..

Don't cry, Mama.., May 2013

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