Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Really quick chicken wrap lunch, yesterday

Chicken, etc.    Chicken wrap
I chopped two vine tomatoes, and the pale green mystery chili pepper out of this lot, and fried them with olive oil while cutting up two chicken breast fillets.. I added the fillet bits to the pan, and tossed the stuff around until the chicken bits were all cooked.. I poured some soy sauce all over it, and had a happy oops moment =D I hadn't planned on using quite that much soy sauce, but it turned out to be really good.. I also added some spicy Herbamare (herbal salt), and some garlic powder as I didn't have the time to peel and chop fresh garlic..

I nuked a tortilla wrap for about 20 seconds, and made a wrap with the chicken stuff and some mixed lettuce. Mmmmmm!! There was enough for two wraps.

I love wraps as they're so quick and easy. Perfect summer food!

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