Saturday, 13 July 2013

Vikings shoot at Lough Tay, Glenmalure, etc.. (Friday spin)

Lough Tay (Vikings S2), Glenmalure, etc.. Summer spin

I haven't uploaded my photos yet (except to Facebook), so I'll be blogging more about this spin later, but meanwhile, here's the video - which includes some stills as well..

Lough Tay (where I watched the Vikings shoot for a while), Sally Gap, Glenmacnass, Laragh, Glenmalure Inn, Glenmalure, Greenane, Rathdrum, Glenealy, Ashford, Cullenmore, and N11 back to Bray - I checked out that revamped Centra, on the way home.. Very nice! I bought ten bottles of Lucozade for €5, some cheapo cider, etc..

I was absolutely roasting when I came home, so I soaked my feet (again!) in cold water, and had some cold cider with tons of ice =D Aaaahhhhhh..

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