Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Having great fun with my cheapo tablet

Yello! I'm a spacer!
I've been playing with the tablet now for two days, and I have to say that it's actually much better than what I expected, for the price!

Thatsit    Hipsterised..
Of course, the camera is crappy, but I knew it was going to be - "0,3Mpix", after all.. Still, I've even had fun with that, and a free picture editing app (Aviary)..

Space stuff..    Thatsit
Battery life seems pretty good, it's easy to install apps and adjust settings.. My only frustration has been the difficulty of using any touchscreen with the length of my fingernails.. I can't use my fingertips as the screen won't respond to nails, so it's all the sides of my fingers, or knuckles, and that can be very difficult with some tiny links or buttons, especially if they are very close to each other. Often you can zoom in and make the clickable area larger, but not always.. But other than that, everything seems to work just fine!

I don't even smoke, but there aren't that many free stickers..    Still playing with my cheapo tablet..

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