Sunday, 29 September 2013

RIP laptop

My apple green Dell inspiron 1520 had been on its way out for a long time.. I got her in March 2008, just before my urgent trip to Finland, after the previous (ancient) laptop had died.. I'd used her pretty much 24/7 ever since.. Her battery died ages ago, so I could only use her when she was plugged in.. This year, I'd mainly used a USB keyboard with her, since parts of her own keyboard didn't work anymore..

But yesterday, her graphics died. Not even the nearby Sony Bravia could help.

I'm coping with my cheapo tablet, but blogging is a pain, and anything that requires using an actual browser, is slooow.. So, until I get a new laptop (hopefully on Tuesday), I'll be mainly playing Tapped Out, and using Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter apps. They're fast.

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