Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I bought a ukulele

I bought a LIDL ukulele! =D

I needed to do my weekly shopping today, so I was browsing LIDL website, last night.. I saw that they were selling cheap acoustic guitars (and some other instruments), and I felt a bit tempted to buy a guitar as my own guitar is in Finland, and I haven't touched it in 20+ years..

Anyway, even with the cheap LIDL price (€49.99), it was still too expensive for me, so I just thought I'd get some food and other necessities..

But when I was doing my shopping, I thought I'd just take a look at the instruments, and I felt sort of relieved to notice that they didn't even have any guitars left. However.. They had ukuleles! :O

They hadn't even listed the ukulele on their website, and it was only €17.99.. So, I bought it for a late birthday present for myself. I've always wanted a ukulele..

It came with a booklet and CD, but it was all for the D tuning, whereas I tuned it lower (GCEA), and made myself a better booklet with Ukulele Tabs website and Evernote. Good times..

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