Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas shopping (OMG - in November!)

Christmas stuff from LIDL

I'm not a Christmas person, really.. I hate how they seem to start with the Christmas adverts and decorations earlier and earlier, year after year.. I think there should be a law against Christmas marketing before December (or the First Advent, which may be in the end of November, at times).

However.. I was doing my weekly shopping at LIDL, yesterday, and just happened to see these wooden Christmas trees (above), which looked like something I could use for decorating presents.. (Oh dear..)

I ended up buying all kinds of Christmas wrapping materials.. :o

Well, at least it's all stuff that I'd have to buy, anyway, so now I'll have spread the cost a little bit.. (And I already bought the Christmas cards, before..)

Christmas stuff from LIDL    Christmas stuff from LIDL

Christmas stuff from LIDL    Christmas stuff from LIDL

I can blog the pics already as these are just wrapping materials - no actual pressies.

They also had lots of other stuff I'd had on my shopping list for months/years - like a €20 ceramic fan heater for the attic (enjoying the warm air right now, mmmm..) I've been freezing in the unheated & half-insulated attic for over six years, so it's about time I got some heating! Also, I got some useful car stuff, etc. So, I spent a week and a half's budget in one go, but it was all necessary stuff.

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