Thursday, 21 November 2013

Google AdSense ads finally working..

I mentioned in October, that my Google ads weren't working, but as I verified my address and all, earlier on today, I thought I'd tinker with them again, and now they're like I want them to be - at least for me.

Above and below, the big red arrow is pointing at where my ads should be, and what size they should be. (If anyone sees something different, please let me know! You can either leave a comment to this entry, or email me - my email address is on the contact info page.)

So, there should be a small horizontal banner after the top 1-2 entries, and a vertical banner on the right side bar, below other links and widgets..

I think I've blocked certain types of ads (like adult stuff, dating, and whatever I find über-annoying or offensive in general), so I'd also like to hear about it, if such ads somehow end up being displayed here - I really don't want them on my sites.

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