Thursday, 7 November 2013

Winter is coming..


My hedgehog friend, fattening up for the winter hibernation..

This is (at least) a second generation hedgehog, in the back garden, being clearly smaller than the previous one/s, yet this one knows the commands as well! If there's no food in the outdoor cat bowls, hedgie will clonk the empties against the cement; "Bring food, bitch!" =D And then s/he'll wait for me to bring food =)


  1. Lintsillä siilit tulee iltaisin esille heti kun ne kuulee sen sulkemislurituksen -> safkaa!!!
    Lintsin henkilökunta kertoi/näytti kun olin asentelemassa kassoja aikoinaan.
    Saatoin tirautaa pari kyyneltä.