Monday, 30 December 2013

So, 2013 is nearly over..

I still haven't uploaded my recent pictures, so I'll probably end up blogging Christmas stuff in February..

Anyway, Friday was the funeral day, and yesterday I got some lovely Christmas pressies when Maaria visited =) Later on, Thatsit had her legs vet-checked. The sore on the left leg is getting better, but the sores (yes, there are two..) on the right leg are getting worse =(

The other day, someone ordered miniature eyeglasses, and collected them today. I won't post a photo of them yet, just in case. (They were going for someone else as a part of a present..)


  1. so sorry to hear about your dog, hope 2014 is better for you

    1. Ummm.. What?

      I've never had a dog! =D