Monday, 27 January 2014

Pimping the perfect bread

Having found the easy recipe for perfect bread, I wanted to try adding stuff to the basic recipe. So, I made another bread with green olives, garlic powder, and oregano. Yum!

The basic recipe is here. I added about 1 tsp garlic powder, and 1 tsp oregano, to the dry ingredients, then mixed the dough, and let it rise for about six hours.

When I started shaping the dough into a ball (see the original recipe..), I added about 20 chopped green olives. They ended up spreading quite evenly in the dough as I've had nice bits of olive in every slice of the bread =)

To get nice, neat and firm slices, you need to let the bread cool down before slicing. It's gorgeous when it's just out of the oven, but the slices will be a bit messy.. I usually "taste" 2-3 messy slices with butter melting on them (lol..), but by the time I have more bread, the slices will be nice and firm.

I keep the bread wrapped in baking paper, and store it in room temperature. It's good for at least two days - it keeps its shape, it remains crusty on the outside, and soft inside. I haven't tried keeping it for longer than two days as I'll have eaten it before the third day =D

I'm hoping to try a version with cinnamon, raisins or sultanas, and chopped nuts. *juvenile giggle*

I had "gourmet breakfast", today.. =) Toasted homemade (olive-garlic-oregano) bread, with some olive oil and "leftover salad". Delicious!

I haven't been able to do any shopping for nearly two weeks now as I've no money at all, so I made the "leftover salad" with whatever leftover bits I could find in the fridge.. Mayonnaise, boiled potato, red onion, and gherkins.


  1. Nice recipe with bread

    1. Just made some, today. My new favourite is the basic recipe, with some Gouda cheese on top.