Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The first week of the year

Thatsit has been to the clinic, had a weekend break at home, and is at the clinic again until I collect her for another weekend break.. The leg sores are looking a bit better, I hear, but too early to say how it'll go.. I just can't wait to have her at home again, poor baby.. She loved sleeping on the sofa - she's supposed to live in a cage, to make sure that she won't move much (which is bad for the leg sores, obviously), but as long as she's sleeping / resting, there's no harm in letting her enjoy the more comfortable sofa, and all the soft blankets..

I couldn't afford to buy my annual Moleskine, this year, so I got a €2 diary instead, from one of the Euro shops.. I miss having a Moleskine, though. This cheapo diary is OK, but it's different..

Esmeralda is using the spare tyre, and as if I didn't have enough things to save up for, I now need to buy new tyres.. I could just get two, to replace the back tyres, but last year, the NCT guy hinted that I should really replace them all, so I might as well get them all in one go and hopefully get a good deal..

I'm falling asleep, so can't really remember if there's anything else worth mentioning, about the first week of 2014.. Zzzzzz...


  1. Happy 2014 and im on the lookout for a cheap wallet, I used to buy the good ones but money is tight this year

    1. I don't really even remember when money wasn't tight. It's like blow after blow, and I've had to postpone all my dreams and plans for so many years now, that it's too late for most of them.