Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spontaneous Saturday spin

As I happened to be up early, yesterday, I decided to return Thatsit's borrowed cage to the clinic, and then maybe do my shopping at LIDL, on the way back.

Well.. As I was leaving, after returning the cage, I made a spontaneous decision to turn the other way, and go for a spin!

Enniskerry, Powerscourt (waterfall gate), Crone woods, and I found myself in my favourite café, in Glencree =) Observing cows..

Omnoms.. A very Simpsonesque donut =D

I had just enough petrol to continue my spin via Sally Gap (instead of taking the shorter way back to Bray, from Glencree), and I stopped briefly at Lough Tay, to get a rainy video;

I got pretty soaked there!

At this point, I was trying to remember if there was a petrol station in Roundwood, or not.. I don't actually ever remember seeing one, but I thought surely they must have one..? Anyway, drove to Roundwood, not a sign of a petrol pump anywhere.. (There MUST be one?!? No??)

But I knew that there would be at least two petrol stations in Ashford, so I went there, and got a full tank for Esmeralda - ahhh..

Then I drove to Greystones, via Rathnew, Newcastle, Kilcoole, and Delgany, and did my shopping at LIDL.

(I'd already put some stuff away, and some was on the table..)

Kind of went a bit crazy.. Usually, I keep making a list as I shop, so I'm aware of what I'm spending and all that, but this time I didn't.. I guess it was a little treat to myself, for getting a job and everything.. And it WAS all stuff that I will use, like a cool bag with plenty of cold packs, etc. Lunch soups for a week, kitchen supplies, toiletries, food.. Definitely not stuff I'll be buying that often.

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