Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cara in today's weekend Herald

Cara is featured in today's weekend Herald, in Pete the Vet's column - like Thatsit, last November =D

Early last week, Cara had to stay at the clinic for two nights as I was in Bray. She was microchipped while there, and I have since registered the microchip. Not that she should ever have a chance of going missing, but you never know..

Her favourite spot is the bed. She spends most of her days and nights there =)

Here's one picture from earlier on today =D She was very interested in my camera..

She had to be home alone, last night, because I was in Bray again, but my lovely landlady had dropped in to check up on her, and given her a pouch of wet food in the morning - she had plenty of dry food available all the time, and water, of course. She did great, and didn't even sulk when I came home again =)

Next week, her stitches will be taken out, and she will be vaccinated as well. There is no way of knowing if she has been spayed or not, so I'll just have to wait and see if she will show any obvious signs of not having been spayed.. (After all, she won't be in contact with any male cats who haven't been neutered, so there's no chance of her getting pregnant.)