Monday, 28 July 2014

RIP Thatsit ( 29/4/1998 - 28/7/2014 )

Thatsit joined Oimo and Ginga, earlier on today..

Her slow downhill started from the spinal injury, last year.. She went through so much, with those leg sores and everything, and it was ironic that the leg sores had completely healed since, so well that you couldn't even tell that there were ever any sores..

But her walking got worse, and it had come to a point where she couldn't really find a comfortable position, most of the time, and she was only having good moments in the garden, on sunny (or at least dry) days.

I am so grateful, that her final day was mainly sunny, and she got to spend it in the garden where she was the happiest.

She also got as much roast chicken as she wanted, and loads of spray whipped cream, which was usually a very rare treat..

For most of her life, Thatsit did not tolerate being picked up for cuddles - she wanted cuddles when SHE picked the moment, and after a little while, she'd had enough, and she could make it very clear..

Just before the vet arrived, Thatsit allowed me to pick her up and hold her for a long time.. That was beautiful..

Thatsit is buried next to her brother, Oimouttahere, and close to Ginga, the garden cat..

I wrote her a letter, I gave her some of my hair and I took some of hers (my cat funeral ritual..), and I buried her with my "mini me" - the doll I made of myself, some years ago.. That way, she'll always be hugging Mama.. She was wrapped in two pillow cases, one of which spelled LOVE..

I find it beautiful, that Thatsit and Oimo can rest together, forever - they were from the same litter, after all..


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful cat. You're in my thoughts and prayers Stella.

  2. Thatsit ja Oimo tulivat vuosien varrella tutuiksi minullekin blogiesi ja FB:n kautta. Miten kauniit jäähyväiset!! <3 Voimia...

    1. Kiitos ♥

      Kirjoittelen heistä varmaan tulevaisuudessakin.. Esim. jos jaksan joskus skannailla aivan ihania "vauvakuvia", jne..

  3. Im so sorry for your loss

    Big Hugs to you

  4. Sorry for your cat :(.

    Take care