Monday, 1 September 2014

Done with August

My ShutterCal - August 2014
August, in my ShutterCal

August briefly;
Took some pics with DF.. Cara got her last booster vaccination (until next year).. I started baking bread in the new home.. I packed most of my dollhouse contents, and moved them to Meath.. Checked out Cullenmore Applegreen - nice.. Bought a climbing tree for Cara.. Got a finger ouchie at work.. Made gorgeous sweet potato wedges.. Cara had her first (estimated) birthday.. Total devastation when My Parking Spot was blocked, at work.. Parcel from Finland.. Friday nights in Bray, with Pushy.. I changed to a local team at work - normal hours!! Got a divine ciabatta recipe on Facebook.. Cara & DF met for the first time.. I did some gardening..

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