Friday, 5 December 2014

Cara has a new big brother: Cuddles

This was very sudden.. Just the other day, I saw this picture on Facebook;

Cuddles lived in Lucan, and his people were moving abroad (yesterday), so Cuddles was about to become homeless..

I had not planned to adopt another cat as I have Cara and Pushy (in different addresses, though - I visit Pushy weekly, but he is currently happy and safe in Bray), but there was just something about Cuddles, and the thought of him being dumped seemed heartbreaking.. (And yes, I consider it dumping, even if a family member is taken to somewhere like the DSPCA, although it's, of course, better than just leaving a family member alone somewhere..)

So, I promised to adopt him.

I was going to collect him from his previous home, but unfortunately, they had already taken Cuddles to the DSPCA.. (I was never in direct contact with his previous people.)

Phone calls were made, and there was great upset when it looked like Cuddles would have to be in isolation for a week or so, before getting cleared for adoption.. But thank God, he only had to stay there for two days, and I collected her today. By the way, it was really heartbreaking to see all the lovely cats who were still there, waiting for their new home.. I tried not to look as I knew it would be painful, not being able to adopt them all.. But as I was walking out with Cuddles in the cat carrier, I saw a pretty little kitty with just one eye, and... :*(

As much as I'd have liked to take more pictures of the "Cuddles is on his way to his new home" experience, I didn't want to keep him in the stressful situation for any longer than what was necessary, so I just took this quick phone snap, before we drove home. He was very good in the car - just a few meows.. I kept talking and singing to him..

At home, Cara came to look when I was opening the cat carrier.. Cuddles jumped out, head-butted Cara to say hello, and went to explore the house, starting from the litter trays =D Above, a video of this (minus the litter trays - it took me a moment to get the camera from my handbag..)

Cara was following closely, and eventually they went under the bed together =)
I hadn't expected things to go that smoothly! =D

I still haven't held Cuddles, or gotten any cuddles with him - he comes to sniff my finger, occasionally, and then walks off again.. I'll let him take his time to get used to us, and when he's ready, he'll come closer =)

Cuddles loves the catnip cardboard scratch tray.. =)

They both have their Facebook pages: Cara the cat & Cuddles at home =) Go & Like!

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  1. Awwwww.....this is so sweet, Stella. :)