Monday, 19 January 2015

Loving the Dolce Gusto stuff

I've stocked up on Dolce Gusto pods, so much so, that I could almost open a coffee shop at home.. LOL

So far, I've tried the following pods;

Americano ... I find this a little bit "watery" (even if only using a small amount of water), but it's still nicer than instant coffee..

Cappuccino ... Really, really nice.. And I love the milk pods! Even if you're out of milk, you can have a nice cappuccino.. (And it's the same with some other stuff, like Latte Macchiato, etc..) Very handy, quick and easy, and much less washing up, than you'd have with "real" milk..

Chococino ... Lovely hot chocolate..

Latte Macchiato ... I absolutely love this one.. I hadn't had a latte macchiato since my one and only trip to Italy, nearly ten years ago! So, it's lovely to be able to have it at home, any time..

These were all the options they had at Supervalu Dunshaughlin.. Then, I found a few more at Tesco Bray;

Cafe au lait ... I think this would be my favourite for a "regular coffee" style cuppa..

Barista ... Now we're talkin'.. This is real COFFEE - the kind of stuff that's loved by my taste buds, and hated by my stomach =D So, I probably won't be drinking too much of this stuff, but maybe once a day.....

I want to try most of their pods, but not all - not interested in skinny or decaf stuff.. It seems that they only have the most popular ones available in shops, so I'll probably need to order some online, one of these days..

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