Monday, 17 April 2017

VR fun, after a little break - "day 6"

I'd been in Bray a couple of times, without actually doing any VR stuff (!!!!!), but I had some Oculus Rift fun again, on Easter Sunday 😃

D was browsing all the free content, and we both checked out the above introduction video, which was very nice. The space bits were beautiful, and I could have been on that boat for much longer - it was like travelling virtually.. (Btw, people who can't travel for real, for one reason or another, should totally have a chance of doing it in VR.. For example, people in hospitals and nursing homes..)

And then.. Face Your Fears.. OMG!!! 😵

I wasn't able to look around as much as the person on the above video - I was suffering from extreme vertigo.. LOL.. After the building part was over, I was shaking, and my pulse was racing, but it was SO COOL!!!!!!!

There was another door, which took you to a child's bedroom, where you had a menu of three books.. (I didn't find a decent video, but you'll find plenty on YouTube..) I'd already seen D experience them all, so I'd seen them on his huge TV while he was watching them with Oculus Rift, and I sort of knew what to expect.. I chose the middle book (ghost story), but even knowing what was going to happen, it was still extremely uncomfortable, and there's no way I could have watched any of them, had I been on my own.. (Like, I've no problem watching horror films on my own, I love strange Japanese horror especially, but THIS was much, MUCH worse.. LOL) I had my thumb on the button, and actually returned to home view, before the ghost story was finished.. It was just too much! (Still: SO COOL!!!)

I'd love to do a Broken Sword type VR game, with real actors and video clips.. (I just need to win the EuroMillions!)

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